[CS:S] Simple Rules Menu

[CS:S] Simple Rules Menu



I made this plugin for Extreme-Network as a rule menu.

It's very good for JB servers and is easy to use.

Also for admins with the command sm_showrules.


sm_rules - Show's the rules menu

sm_showrules - Show's the rules menu to a selected player


sm_rulesmenu_version - Defines the version of the Rules Menu installed on this server

sm_rulesmenu_join - Enables/disables if a player joins the server to show the rules.

sm_rulesmenu_announce_player - Announce if a player is checking the rules with a message in chat.

sm_rulesmenu_announce_admin - Announce if an admin is using the showrules command with a message in chat.


  • v1.0 (29/2/12)
    • Initial release

  • v1.1 (16/6/12)
    • Added cvar's

    • Released for public

    • Several changes


The.Hardstyle.Bro^_^ - Creator of this plugin

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