[CSS] Resetscore [1.1]

Hey, I've seen a server with a nice Resetscore, so I thought - why they have it and anothers not?

So i wrote it.


sm_resetscore_version - Plugin version.

sm_resetscore_enabled - Plugin is enabled? [Default 1]

sm_resetscore_resets - How much resets the player will start with? [Default 2]

What's the plugin is doing?

Player types !rs or !resetscore, if the plugin is disabled he will get a message about it.

If the plugin is enabled he will get -1 resets and his score will be restarted.

If the player is not on a team/he have 0 resets left he will get a message about it.

The plugin will fail at load if the game isn't Counter-Strike: Source.

Config will be auto created & executed every map change/plugin reload and will created on cfg/sourcemod/resetscore.cfg. [it will not include the version cvar]


Nothing, make a request!


1.1 -

Fixed a bug when it showed -1 resets left when you had 0.

1.0 -

Plugin initial release.

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