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This plugin allows server admins to set the next round to be a Zeus (taser) round. At the end of the round prior to the zeus round, all alive player's weapons will be remembered so they will get them back at the conclusion of the zeus round.

During the Zeus Round, players cannot buy any weapons. They will be given a knife and a zeus. If they get a frag with the zeus, they will get another zeus. If they fire the zeus and miss, they'll have only their knife to try and get a kill. If they get a knife kill, they'll get a zeus.

At the start of the round after the Zeus Round, they'll get their weapons back if they had any from the round before the zeus round.

This was a request from here.


"sm_zeusround_saveweapons" = "1" min. 0.000000 max. 1.000000

- Should the players get their old weapons back after the Zeus round?

0 = NO

1 = YES

"sm_zeusround_useupdater" = "0" min. 0.000000 max. 1.000000

- Utilize 'Updater' plugin to auto-update Zeus Round when updates are published?

0 = NO

1 = YES

Admin Commands:


- Toggle the next round to be a Zeus Round



Updater - optional

Compiling Required Includes:






If, on the round prior to the Zeus round a player takes control of a bot and survives, the weapons that bot had will be saved as the weapons to give the player on the round after the zeus round. If this is an issue, I'll put in code to keep this from happening.


Copy the zeusround.smx file to your addons/sourcemod/plugins folder and the zeusround.phrases.txt translation file to your addons/sourcemod/translations folder.

You'll have to download the .smx attached file because the online compiler won't work due to the includes.

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