[Any] Refusing - Jailgames

[Any] Refusing - Jailgames


This is a Plugin for Jailservers. If you write !v, !refuse, !verweigern into the Chat, you get the color blue and after I time it will be resettet to normal colors. It can be done only once per Round. Supports language Files!

Cvar/Command list:

sm_refuse/!refuse - Command to refuse

sm_v/!v - Command to refuse

sm_verweigern/!verweigern - Command to refuse

sm_refuse_enable - Set to 0 to Disable the Plugin.

sm_refuse_time_back - Time after the player gets his normal color back.



2012-30-06 (v1.0)

* Initial release.

Installation instructions:

refuse.smx: Put it to your addons/sourcemod/plugins folder.

refuse.sp: Put it to your addons/sourcemod/scripting folder.!Not neccesary!

refuse.txt: Put it to your addons/sourcemod/translations folder.

The config will be automatically created in your cfg/sourcemod/plugin.refuse.cfg

The zipfile contains all of the things except the config!


1. Sourcemod

2. cstrike

3. colorslib

Thanks to Impact, who helped me in pawn.

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