Zombie:Reloaded Infect Options

Requires Zombie:Reloaded.

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Hey Guys,

... Is there an Addon that teleports a knifed zombie to the T's /CT's Spawn? So that the Zombie can't knife his mates?


What this plugin does is extend the infection options beyond the simple zr_infect_mzombie_respawn. This allows you to freeze the newly infected zombie and/or disarm the newly infected zombie. You can apply these infection options to the mother zombie as well.

By disarming the zombies when they're infected, you can prevent the sometimes ultra mass zombie infection if everyone is in a choke point on a map and the infections just domino on top of one another.

Freezing the newly infected zombie (without disarming them) might allow for one or two more infections in a choke point.




Those are the CVars to turn on and off the extra infection options. If you set sm_zrio_useteleport to 1, then all, not just the mother, zombies will be transported back to their spawn point.

Use one, two, or all of the infection options as you see fit. There are CVars to the freeze and disarm time limits so you can set how long a player will remain froze or disarmed (individually).

Currently I do not have Updater attached to this plugin (mainly because it's late right now), but I'll include it in a later update.



"sm_zrio_motherzombie" = "1" ( def. "0" ) min. 0.000000 max. 1.000000

 - Apply these options to the mother zombie too?

1 = Yes

0 = No

"sm_zrio_useteleport" = "1" ( def. "0" ) min. 0.000000 max. 1.000000

 - Teleport newly infected zombies back to their spawn?

1 = Yes

0 = No

"sm_zrio_disarmtime" = "3" min. 0.100000 max. 25.000000

 - If sm_zrio_usedisarm = 1, then set how long you want the newly infected to be

 without their claws (knives)?

"sm_zrio_usedisarm" = "0" min. 0.000000 max. 1.000000

 - Disarm (remove knife) newly infected zombies for n seconds?

1 = Yes

0 = No

"sm_zrio_freezetime" = "3" min. 0.100000 max. 25.000000

 - If sm_zrio_usefreeze = 1, then set how long you want the newly infected to be

 frozen for?

"sm_zrio_usefreeze" = "0" min. 0.000000 max. 1.000000

 - Freeze newly infected zombies for n seconds?

1 = Yes

0 = No


Zombie:Reloaded 3.0-b2 patch-r675 (or latest)


TO DO List

* Add more options (suggest some)


* Richard and Greyscale for Zombie:Reloaded stuff

* berni for SMLib

* SDKHooks developers


If you are going to compile yourself, you'll need the includes for SDKHooks, Zombie:Reloaded, and SMLib.


Put the .smx in your plugins folder, then edit the automatically created config file plugin.zr_infect_options.cfg

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