Toonami returns on May 26

In case you have not yet seen this image, it is official - Toonami is back, starting May 26th. It seems the messages many sent along to Cartoon Network (myself included) paid off. Honestly, I was excited enough at the April Fool's programming, and I really did not expect them to bring it back as a full block. As happy as I am that a whole generation gets to relive their childhood before the end of the month, I'm even more hopeful for an entirely new generation who will now have easier access to anime.

When Toonami originally aired, anime DVDs were difficult to come by, and those that were in stores were generally rather expensive. While it is true that many anime distributors host episodes of some of their shows online, there's something great about sitting down and watching the latest episode your favorite show or checking out some entirely new anime you might not have otherwise watched. Toonami is what introduced me to my first anime, Ronin Warriors, as well as some of my favorites like Outlaw Star and Mobile Suit Gundam: 08th Ms Team. The atmosphere of the programming block combined with the variety of shows aired were the major factors that kept me so entertained. I hope that kids young and old find the same holds true for them following Toonami's long-overdue return.

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