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Change Player Transperency Values (Ghostzzzz)

This is very similar to FlaminSarge's Ghost Mode plugin in which you become a ghost after death. The main difference however is this just lets players become a ghost while alive and in-game.

I started to write this plugin with the lack of knowledge that a plugin already offered this. At the moment, the plugin is incomplete, but in a stable condition in which I can release it to the public. I understand that FunCommandsx allows this feature in sm_alpha command, however in my opinion this offers much more functionality (at least it will in the future).

For example, this plugin:

  • Uses ClientPrefs to remember if ghostz mode is active.

  • Uses game checks to keep hats/weapons from rendering normal again.

  • Allows players to toggle on or off (will add a CVar later).

  • Let's admins toggle it on others.

CVar's (Defaults):


- sm_ghostz_version "1.0.0"

Plugin Version

sm_ghostz_enabled "1"

Enable Plugin

sm_ghostz_transperency "55"

Ghostz Transperency Value

CVar Overrides:




    "ghostz_flag"    "b"        //Required flag to target other players.




sm_ghostzon | !ghostzon

Toggle Ghostz Mode On

sm_ghostzon <#userid|name> | !ghostzon <#userid|name>

Toggle Ghostz Mode On On Target

sm_ghostzoff | !ghostzoff

Toggle Ghostz Mode Off

sm_ghostzoff <#userid|name> | !ghostzoff <#userid|name>

Toggle Ghostz Mode Off On Target

Config file will be automatically created at cfg\sourcemod\plugin.ghostz.cfg

Version Log:



Version 1.0.0

* Initial Release.

Known Bugs:

* None yet, you tell me :)

Thanks to:

FlaminSarge| Checking code and giving suggestions.

MasterOfTheXP| Combining code together and answering many question I had.

To Do:

* Add admin menu support.

* Add admin only CVar.

* Add conditions on CVar changes.

Download ghostzadmin.smx if you want commands to be for admins only. (Generic Admin)

See my other plugins.

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