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This plugin overrides the Nuclear Dawn's normal commander selection procedure, and instead issues a vote for the players to elect a commander. These votes will take place near the end of a warmup round. Then the round will begin, and the winners of the votes will be promoted to commander.

There is also a force auto assigner that is slightly improved over ND's mp_force_autoassign. This function does not block the "Join Consortium" and "Join Empire" buttons on the team selection menu, unlike mp_force_autoassign. Instead, these buttons are simply redirected to Auto Assign.

One problem with force auto assign has been that the team selection buttons will change when the team is full, allowing players to bypass it altogether by waiting until the team they want has an open slot. To remove this possibility, mp_limitteams will be set to 30. Auto assign doesn't allow stacked teams; if Empire has more players than Consortium, someone trying to join Empire would be redirected to Consortium anyway.

The auto assigner is not required, and a Cvar exists to disable it.


  • sm_warmup_time | Default = 80 | Sets the warmup timer. (Voting starts 20 seconds before the warmup round ends, so be sure this is set long enough for players to join and apply or they will not be included in the vote)

  • sm_warmup_end_message | Default = "Engage Post-Nuclear Combat!" | Sets the message displayed when the warmup round ends [MaxLength == 100 characters]

  • sm_forceautoassign | Default = 1 | Enables / Disables the force auto assigner

Future Plans:

None (yet)


V 1.0 (released 24 May 2012)

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