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Since The Passing update it's possible to play with the Original Survivors. But there is one "but": they aren't playable at all. Firstly, the game put them into special hidden team, separated from normal (new) characters in game, so they don't revive, don't heal, etc. The Infected compeletely ignore their existance, although it's possible to have an common Infected to attack a vomited Survivor or a Special Infected to pin them by accident. After spawning they just stay at checkpoint/start area and idle. They can shoot Infected, protect & cover each other, but only teammates in their hidden team. Shortly, they have the same behavior as they have in The Port in The Passing campaign, where their role is only to cover new Survivors not heal or revive them. In addittion, they are fully invurnerable as long as they stay in their special team!


Make Original Survivors from Left 4 Dead playable, so they will heal, revive and work in one big team with new ones:).


This plugin moves all clients from the L4D1_Survivor team (4) to the Survivor team (2), thus making them playable as well as normal Survivor Bots. The plugin doesn't work either on the first and the last maps of said campaing, to prevent glitches/bugs/crashes. It's not recommended to run it on campaings ported from Left 4 Dead which uses Original Survivors, because it kicks the old Survivors on certain conditions to prevent some bugs described below.

Only singleplayer was tested. Plugin is intended for coop and survival but if concommands were used it's possible to play all other modes with it but you are doing it on your own risk!

Know issues
  • No Bill due to server crashes he made :((((((((

  • Only first 4 any characters (the first 4 which you can see on your HUD without any extra plugins/extensions) will in full accurate accepted by the game. For example, if your team is consist of you, Louis, Coach and Ellis, Louis will respond to your friendly fire as well as he do it on original campaigns but if he is the 5th Survivor in the team he will just scream of pain and nothing else.

  • Extra Survivors won't get to next level. If by some means survivor_limit value is greater than 4 then the game will transition all players matching this limit but on the next map team will be almost completely consist only of Original Survivors.

  • Autospawning doesn't work stable. Maybe someone take a look into the source code and help me.

  • Works poorly in competetive game modes as it messes with stats/map transitions (see above), so it's recommended to use autodetect of current gamemode so the plugin could disable itself if neccessary.

  • It's impossible to use sb_takeover to posses an old Survivor Bot. IDK if it's possible for a human to play as an Original Survivor with my plugin.

  • Don't use it on maps ported from Left 4 Dead, if they use old charaters since plugin can kick an Survivor Bot which would be undesired. If only I knew a way to determine is a map a Left 4 Dead port without hardcoded check based on maps' names it might not be an issue.

  • Original Survivors are equipped with a tier 1 weapon matching their preferences (so Francis will get a pumpshotgun, while Zoey will be given smg) on 2d and subsequent maps in a campaing. No weapons are given on the first map of a campaing.

  • The plugin kicks an old Survivor Bot when he enter end saferoom, or round ends or finale ends so there is no team or stats messing.

  • Doesn't break The Passing campaing as it's completely stops itself in the first and last maps while it's still possible to play with old Survivors on the 2d.

  • Autospawn of Original Survivors by ConVar (doesn't not work stable).

  • Provides command "l4d2_original_survivors_spawn" to spawn them if possible.

  • Provides command "l4d2_original_survivors_forceteam" to force spawned Original Survivors to join the Survivor team if they were spawned before.

  • Allows to remove bots via executing "l4d2_original_survivors_remove". The former and the last still don't touch The Passing 1st and 3d maps.

  • l4d2_original_survivors_spawner -- enables/disables the plugin. 0 - disable, 1 - enable and auto detect competetive gamemode to self-disable in them, 2 - work on any modes (not recommended).

  • l4d2_original_survivors_autospawn -- allows autospawn after map start, if plugins is enabled.


Download plugin and put it into addons/sourcemod/plugins. Download translation file and put it into addons/sourcemod/translations. Only English and Russian is available right now. You are welcome to translate to other languages! Just PM me if you done it.



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