[L4D2] Knife Unlock (1.0) [15-May-2012]

  • Unlocks the Knife melee weapon.

  • No more animation glitch when using the knife.

  • Makes "give knife" command work.

  • Dr!fter - Converted my beta version to use sourcemod functions instead of the the MemPatch extension.

  • ProdigySim - For fixing the StoreToAddress function in Sourcemod 1.4.2.

  • alexip121093 - For the request and idea showing me the post below.

  • DarrenToh - For the post here: http://forums.alliedmods.net/showpos...&postcount=502


PHP Code:

// Knife Unlock plugin version.




1.0 (15-May-2011)

    - Initial Release.

  • This requires Sourcemod version 1.4.2 or newer. 1.5-dev does not work.

  • Sourcemod 1.4.2: Fixed StoreToAddress always writing 32 bits and throwing an error ( bug 5248 ) (ProdigySim).

  1. Click "Get Plugin" and put the .smx file into your servers \addons\sourcemod\plugins\ folder.

  2. Download the .txt gamedata file and put into your servers \addons\sourcemod\gamedata\ folder.

  3. Reboot your server. The plugin must exist when first booted up.

  4. The patch cannot be removed unless you delete the plugin and reboot your server.

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