[L4D2] Automatic Main Menu Opener AMMO v1.1.0

Automatic Main Menu Opener AMMO

version 1.1.0

Author: WeAreBorg

MTMS Head Admin/Programmer

Heavy thanks to zipcore and his Battle RPG

Ever put a new server together with some great new plugin you found that has a menu? Have your regulars gotten on and tried the regular commands that no longer work then rage quit? New people get on your server and not even know you have a plugin with a menu?

No Longer...

This plugin automatically opens a Main Menu when a player spawns and reminds them how to open it again when they first join. Also comes with a small welcome message. This plugin can be configured to open a Menu on First Spawn Only, open a Menu on Every Spawn, blare a Chat Reminder of the command to reopen the menu for a configurable number of times.

Install .smx in the usual place and let it build its config. Change AMMOpener_Command to what ever your command is that opens the menu. Commands that start with sm_ such as "sm_buy" will remove the sm_ when telling the player the command in chat.

Spoiler: In reality this plugin just runs a FakeClientCommand so you can actually make it do more than just open a menu. A menu is what I designed it for.


AMMOpener_version Installed version of Automatic Main Menu Opener on this server"

AMMOpener_firstspawn "1" Enable Auto Main Menu Open for First Spawn?

AMMOpener_enablechat "1" Enable Chat Reminder To Open Main Menu?

AMMOpener_everyspawn "1" Enable Auto Main Menu Open for Every Spawn?

AMMOpener_FSTimer "15.0" Time Duration till Menu is opened on player's spawn

AMMOpener_CRTimer "10.0" On First Spawn, player will be reminded in chat every <this many seconds>

AMMOpener_ChatRemindCount "20" Number of times to remind player to open the menu on first spawn

AMMOpener_Command "sm_buy" Command, minus !, used to open main menu. 'sm_' will be removed when announced to players

AMMOpener_MenuName "=Buy Menu=" Menu Title

AMMOpener_Server "MTMS-Server" Server Description used when announcing to players

I use this plugin on all 12 of my servers. No reported issues. I love it for my Fortspawn2 servers.

To Do

combine AMMOpener_firstspawn and AMMOpener_everyspawn into 1 cvar

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