A New Plugin, from me :D.

I Cant design the thread because my BBCodes are disabled for some reason?

What's the plugin does:

By typing !info/!myinfo/!information you will get a list like that:


sm_information_version - Plugin version.


Menu, i will do it once i will know how to make strings work with menus, if anyone can help me with that please post.

Cvar sm_information_menu - 0 will be chat, 1 will be a menu with your information.

sm_getinfo - Admins will be able to see information about another players.


1.0 (11 May 2012) -

* Inital Release.

Note: IP is with the connect port.

Note 2: Im not sure about the required compiler version, because im using 1.4, so im recommending to use it.

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Orignal From: Information

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