Download sXe Injected 12.3 Fix 1 new

sXe Injected 12.3 Fix 1  new! - 24712 downloads
sXe Injected 12.3 Fix 1 (17/05/2012)
Windows Server new! - 9643 downloads
Windows Server (16/05/2012)
Linux Server new! - 2247 downloads
Linux Server  (16/05/2012)
 sXe Injected v12.3 Fix 1 Released!

.(+)Add: Public/Private cheats blocked [nigthvision, wallhack, smoke, Gh0s7]

.(+)Add: 640x480 Screenshots

.(+)Add: Game added to Windows DEP

.(!) Fix: "Window name error" for CS 1.5
.(!) Fix: Micro freeze taking OpenGL screenshots
.(!) Fix: DEP related crashes
.(!) Fix: Server hangs checking updates
.(!) Fix: Smoke Granade fix and sprites blocked
.(!) Fix: Alias fixed and blocked
.(!) Fix: Day of Defeat "missing client" error
NOTE: There is a new Anti-Speedhack running on servers, and it's working good. SpeedHack and RapidFire is useless now. So, there is no reason now to disable AntiSpeedhack.  
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