[CSS: JB] Advanced Hide and Seek

First of all, Credits:

TnTSCS - For trying to help about the crashing and explaining about another stuff, An awesome guy with knowledge!

Leonardo - Thinking about the server crashing fix, Thank you!

The Gameplay:

Used to be in JB, CT's have 40 [Default and can be changed via the cfg] seconds to hide, cells are always open, The Ts are blinded until the time to hide, then everybody get weapons [m4a1, deagle], the Ts should go to seek CTs, If the server is running sm_hosties, The LR command is disabled, Because its not supposed to have an lr when you cannot listen to each other.


When the mode is on, Teams cannot hear each other. [sv_alltalk 0]

sm_show_activity Is on 0 to dont spam the chat with blinding, When i will find a way to blind without ServerCommand ill do it, It will come back to the default value when hns is disabled/map change.

mp_forcecamera Is on 1 so nobody can see the other team while dead.

When changing modes, Game will restart, You Cannot change to the mode that currently used [enabled/disabled].

The plugin is creating a hns.cfg file in cfg/sourcemod.


sm_hns - Requiring "b" [Generic admin flag] to open the menu, options are "Enable" and "Disable".


sm_timebomb_hns_enabled - Should the server always will be in HNS mode? Not Recommending to change in the cfg file.

sm_timebomb_hns_time - Time to let the CT's to hide.

sm_timebomb_hns_version - Plugin Version, Not needed to change.

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