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TnTSCS - Linking me to a sdkhook example and changing that a little bit to make it comftorable.


SDK Hooks 2.1.

The plugin:

Jailbreak box is a very popular thing in CS 1.6 jailbreak, a alive ct types /box or !box, and its toggeling box feature.

At any round end the jailbreak box disabling, due a CT abuse to kill T's with no sense. [freekilling]


Box feature is a friendlyfire fight between teams on jailbreak.

How to use it?

A ct that have to be alive types !box, A WILD MENU APPEARS, says the title: "Box:

Boxing with each other [T's Only]"

2 Selections available.

*1. Enable - Turns on jailbreak box.

*2. Disable - Turns off jailbreak box.

*Jailbreak box cant be changed to the same status it is.


sm_box_version - Plugin Version.

Default - The plugin version.


1.2 - (28 May 2012)

Fixed more bugs, removed some lines, added boolean to make sure using box and not general friendlyfire.

1.1 [Did'nt released] -

Fixed some menu bugs.

1.0 [Did'nt released] -

Inital release.

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