[CS:S] Beam me up, Scotty (v1.0, 2012-05-30)

Admin command which lets you teleport a player to another player.

Plugin only allows to be teleported to an alive person and only an alive person can be teleported. (That was an interesting sentence to write.. lol )

It was a side product of my other project so its quite simple. I don't know if there is something like this but I couldn't find it..


sm_beammeup <target name> <name of the player to teleport>

Admin Menu;

Keeping in mind the Star Trek reference, this is what I use in my adminmenu_custom.cfg;



"Beam me up"


  "admin" "sm_admin"

  "cmd"  "sm_beammeup #1 #2"

  "execute" "player"



    "type"  "player"

    "method" "name"

    "title"  "Enterprise"




    "type"  "player"

    "method" "name"

    "title"  "Cpt. Kirk"



Enterprise being the target and

Cpt. Kirk being the one to be teleported.


I'm new to sourcemod so I don't know if this works with other games but I'm using it with CS:S without problems.

Hope it will be useful..

Live long and prosper!

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