I know there are plenty of checkpoint plugins out there, but to the best of my knowledge, none of them are capable of saving an unlimited* amount of checkpoints, store all checkpoints persistently or offer an API for bhop / surf timers, which is why I decided to create my own:

"Checkpoints is a SourceMod plugin that allows players to save their location, view angles and velocity as a checkpoint. In addition to providing several commands to access and manipulate these checkpoints, it offers automatic database storage and a SourceMod plugin API which can be used to integrate it with other plugins such as bunnyhop / surf timers, or to override its default behaviour."

Commands include (but are not limited to):

!save, !tele, !next, !prev and !cp

For more information such as a list of available commands and console variables, and installation instructions, visit the wiki (github).

Download (github)

*You're going to hit the cvar defined soft cap or run out of memory eventually.

Orignal From: Checkpoints

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