[ANY] Server Donation Info

Server Donation Info

Show Information About Server Donations in Menu

Mainly stripped code from previous Show Rules plugin to instead show Donation Info for the server. I used it on my server and just thought I may aswell upload it. There are a few added and removed features from the Show Rules plugin to this one.

CVar's (Defaults):


- sm_donateinfo_version "1.0"

Plugin Version

- sm_donateinfo_enabled "1"

Enabled Server Donation Info

- sm_donateinfo_descmode "1"

Enable Selection of Description in Menu for More Info



- sm_donateinfo (!donateinfo) | sm_dinfo (!dinfo)

Show Donation Info

Config file will be automatically created at cfg\sourcemod\plugin.donateinfo.cfg

Version Log:



Version 1.0 - 5/16/2012

* Initial Release



donateinfo.smx > addons\sourcemod\plugins\    (Necessary)

donateinfo.cfg > addons\sourcemod\configs        (Necessary)

donateinfo.sp > addons\sourcemod\scripting\    (Selective)

plugin.donateinfo.cfg > cfg\sourcemod\    (Selective)

To Do:

* Add choices for chat triggers.

See my other plugins.

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