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Name Filter - by Grognak

Ever try to keep up a fun, community-oriented server when people with overly-offensive names connect? This plugin will automatically rename or kick anybody who connects or changes their name if their name contains a "bad word" from a list that you set.

  1. Place namefilter.smx in /sourcemod/plugins

  2. Edit badnames.txt to your liking. Place in /sourcemod/configs


namefilter_version: The plugin's version. Please don't change this.

namefilter_mode: What to do with a bad name. If 0 - kick the player. If 1 - rename the player with a warning. Default mode is 1.

namefilter_name: What to change the renamed player's name to. Mode 1 only, default "Player."

namefilter_warning: The message to give the kicked/renamed player. By default it's "Please don't use offensive names on this server."

Possible future updates:
  • Admin Immunity (if anyone needs it)



1.0 - Initial Release

1.1 - Added Renaming as an alternative (thank you GoD-Tony and minimoney1!)

Warning: The badnames.txt I have here for download contains very offensive language from a vulgar word list I found on here. Read at your own risk. If you would rather build your own, make a similarly-named text file and put each bad word on a separate line.

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