[ANY] Mute During Votes

Mute During Votes

Mute (Silence) All Players While a Vote is Occurring

This has been testing with ExtendedComm and Sourcemod Base Votes.

CVar's (Defaults):


- sm_muteduringvote_version "1.0"

Plugin Version


- sm_muteduringvote_enabled "1"

Enable Mute During Votes (0 | 1)

Version Log:


Version 1.0 - 5/3/2012

* Initial Release

Known Bugs:


If a player has been silenced prior to a vote, this will un-silence that player after the vote has occured. This shouldn't effect gags or mutes.

Thanks to:

Myself | Starting, editting code.

MasterOfTheXP | Main fixes, getting it functional.

To Do:

* Add admin immunity.

* Add selection of mute, gag, or silence.

* "Maybe" add support to custom votes.

See my other plugins.

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