[ANY] Custom File Errors | How to Fix

Custom File Errors | How to Fix (HtF)

Information on How to Fix Errors Regarding Corrupted Custom Files Through Menu Panel

Before stating that this plugin is useless for your brand of servers, it probably is. This plugin is meant for servers that run mods based off of custom files. Simply gives players information on how to fix problems regarding corrupted custom files (materials, models, sounds, etc.).

CVar's (Defaults):


- sm_errorfix_version "1.1"

Plugin Version


- sm_errorfix_enabled "1"

Enable File Errors (HtF)

- sm_errorfix_chat "1"

Chat Notification for File Errors (HtF)

- sm_errorfix_chattrigger "1"

Opens Info Menu if Chat Message Conatins Chat Trigger (error)



- sm_errorfix | !errorfix

Show How to Fix Information via Menu

How to Fix Info (Works):


1. Delete any corrupted game files. <Models, materials, sounds>

-  Usually found in Program Files/Steam/steamapps/*accountname*/game/

2. Close out of all steam games.

3. Restart Steam (In some cases your computer).

4. Restart the previous game.

5. Re-download files by rejoining the previous server.

If you have any other known ways to fix these issues, post them into the thread and I may add them for future references.

Config file will be automatically created at cfg\sourcemod\plugin.errorfix.cfg

Version Log:



Version 1.1 - 5/19/2012

* Added Chat Trigger

        -CVar to Enable/Disable this.

*Fixed error where server console would show error if command was used via server console.

Version 1.0 - 5/18/2012

* Initial Release

Thanks to:

MasterOfTheXP| Helping with chat trigger, fixing some errors.

To Do:

* Add CVar to designate chat trigger.

See my other plugins.

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