tRealPing v0.0.2 (2012-04-01)


This plugin modifies the scoreboard to display the real ping of clients.

It should be the same as the ping command and the netgraph would show.

These are usually higher than the original scoreboard ones - it might make players leave thinking they have a bad connection. Notify them accordingly if you start using this plugin.

Game Support

This plugin supports all games that use a "*_player_manager" for scoreboards.

Tested with CSS and TF2.


This requires SDKHooks and smlib.


Enable/Disable via sm_trealping_enable cvar.

To fine tune what will be shown in the scoreboard set sm_trealping_mode to one of the following:
  • 0 - GetClientLatency() More accurate than GetAvgLatency but jittering.

  • 1 - GetClientAvgLatency()

  • 2 - Netgraph This is using Client_GetFakePing() from smlib with goldsource set to false.

  • 3 - Scoreboard This is using Client_GetFakePing() from smlib with goldsource set to true.

More about Client_GetFakePing()

Returns the ping of a client like it is displayed in the scoreboard.

The weird calculation formula is taken from Valve's SDK hl2sdk\game\server\util.cpp: UTIL_GetPlayerConnectionInfo().

The Scoreboard uses the goldSource corrected Ping, the net_graph doesn't.

Credits to:

berni, for smlib.

McFlurry & Bacardi, for multimod hints.

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