[TF2]TF2OutPost.com MOTD Trades


This plugin brings up a player's Trades that are listed on TF2OutPost.com. To get started you will need to register an account at TF2OutPost

Say Commands



outpost_version - Plugin Version

outpost_advert - Enable or disable the plugin advert (Defaults to off)

outpost_adtime - Time between adverts Min: 5 seconds Max: 6 minutes

The plugin will auto create plugin.outpost.cfg in the cfg/sourcemod folder.


Type !outpost <players name>

Brings up the players backpack in an MOTD window

Type !outpost

Brings up a player menu

Special Thanks


Sneeza for creating and maintaining TF2OutPost.com

[AiF] Biggs for Testing.



Only Tested on a windows server.

Test server:

Test server:

This is a clone of my TF2Items.com backpack plugin


1.0.0 Initial Release

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File Type: sp

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Orignal From: [TF2]TF2OutPost.com MOTD Trades

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