[TF2][Arena/VSH](Vote) SlayCap v0.8

Every had someone cap on an arena or VSH server you are on, and there was no reason for it? Well this is the plugin for you.

This simple plugin detects when someone caps and then responds with a vote the next round. If the players deem the capture unjustified, they are slayed that round. I added some natives so if you have a plugin or you would like to edit one to conform to this one, you are able to. I am relatively new to Sourcepawn, only been coding for about less than 2 weeks. Any tips would be appreciated. I couldn't get the capture events to work correctly, so I had to more or less, make my own. If anyone knows how I can fix this, please tell me.


Updates coming soon!


sm_slay_cap_enabled (def: 1)


#include slaycap


bool SlayCapVoteStarting()

bool SlayCapVoteInProgress()



[4/2/12] SlayCap 0.8 public released

Refined code.

Refined checking system.

Fixed slay bug.

Fixed bug where players would be added but not removed.

Changed chat to all.

Changed array to bool values.

Made vote only available to those who did not cap.

Added chat notifications.

Added CVar for easily enabling/disabling.

Added natives.

Added notes for editors/new "modders".

[4/1/12] SlayCap alpha created.

Added custom vote system.

Added hooks necessary for plugin.

Created rough plugin code.

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