[TF2] Third Person (Non-terrible Edition)

[TF2] Third Person

(Non-terrible Edition)

Version 1.0.1


I got tired of looking at all the hacky third-person plugins that screw with client sv_cheats.

So I wrote one that doesn't.

What does this do?
Allows players to use third-person view.

What doesn't this do?
Enable client-side cheats

Why should I care about client-side cheats?
When enabled, they prevent players from earning achievements.

When enabled, they allow players to use client-only cheat commands (eg, r_drawothermodels).

  • sm_thirdperson

  • sm_firstperson


  • thirdperson_version
    • Plugin Version

Install Instructions:

  1. Place ThirdPerson.smx into your addons/sourcemod/plugins/ folder.

Credits to:

  • Ce_Rire for mentioning the m_bIsReadyToHighFive netprop.

  • VoiDeD for various unrelated things.

  • Hi Nephyrin.


  • Add a cvar to enable/disable/enforce the third-person command.

Version History:

  • V1.0.0

    • Initial Release

  • V1.0.1
    • Needed more OnClientDisconnect

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