[TF2] Dispenser HP Regain

Dispenser HP Regain

Needs public testing.

Makes dispensers regain a set amount of HP over a set amount of time.

CVar's (Defaults):


- sm_sm_dispenserhp_version "1.0"

Plugin Version

- sm_dispenserhp_amount "3.0"

Amount of HP to Regain

- sm_dispenserhp_time "3.0"

Amount of Time Until Dispenser Regains HP

Version Log:


Version 1.0 - 4/18/2012

- Initial Release

Known Bugs:


I have not tested this however it "should" work. If it doesn't please note in the plugin thread and I will attempt to fix as soon as possible.

Thanks to:

Myself | Adding CVars and timer.

Tylerst | Adding raw code.

TnTSCS| Fixing the errors.

See my plugins.

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