Silent Duck-Running Script

This script 100% working

// Silent Duck-Running Script 
// By e[X]taSy 
alias +duck_run.fP3 "alias cl_rebuy duck_run.fP3; cl_setrebuy PrimaryAmmo; rebuy; duck_run.fP3" 
alias -duck_run.fP3 "alias cl_rebuy; -duck; alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.00" 
alias duck_run.fP3 "dr_cycle.fP3; wait; rebuy" 

alias dr_cycle.fP3 "dr_loop.fP3.00" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.00 "+duck; alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.01" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.01 "-duck; alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.02" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.02 "+duck; alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.03" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.03 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.04" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.04 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.05" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.05 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.06" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.06 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.07" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.07 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.08" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.08 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.09" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.09 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.10" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.10 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.11" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.11 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.12" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.12 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.13" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.13 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.14" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.14 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.15" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.15 "-duck; alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.16" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.16 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.17" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.17 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.18" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.18 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.19" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.19 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.20" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.20 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.21" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.21 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.22" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.22 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.23" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.23 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.24" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.24 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.25" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.25 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.26" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.26 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.27" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.27 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.28" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.28 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.29" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.29 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.30" 
alias dr_loop.fP3.30 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.00" 

bind "space" "+duck_run.fP3"
1.Open notepad
2.Copy/Paste this sript
3.Save it and name it duck.cfg
4.Run your cs 1.6
5.Tupe in console exec duck.cfg

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