[L4D2] Scavenge Quick End

Scavenge Quick End

Scavenge has 2 tiebreaker win conditions:

  • Team A gets 0 cans, Team B gets 0 cans --> Team whose round lasts longest wins.

  • Team A gets N cans, Team B gets N cans --> Team which got N cans poured fastest wins.

This plugin checks these tiebreaker conditions in the middle of the round, and if one is definitively met, the round ends early--preventing survivor teams from running around collecting cans fruitlessly, or to grief.

Example 1:

Team A gets wiped with 0 gas cans poured. Team B decides to grab 1 gas can and carry it to a "god spot" on the map, holding out and griefing with an assured win.

Instead of the round continuing indefinitely, this plugin will automatically end the round when Team B has survived longer than Team A did.

Example 2:

Team A gets 15 gas cans in, and then wipes. They took 4:22.39 to get their cans in. Team B pours in their 15th gas can at 3:59.60--ensuring their victory. This plugin ends the round immediately, since Team B is a decided winner at this point.

Example 3:

Team A gets all 16 cans on the map poured in 4:54.03. Team B only has 14 cans poured by the time 4:54.03 has elapsed. This plugin ends the round immediately, since Team A is the decided winner at this point.


sm_time - If called during a scavenge round, checks the current round's elapsed time. Also displays the first round's time if this is the second half of the round.

Possible future revisions:

-CVar control for which win conditions should be ended early on. (or "Notify-only" mode)

-Better !time output/availability

-Using "scenario_end" or CDirector::InitiateEndScenario() instead of slaying all survivors.

-Whatever others suggest.



-Initial Release

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