Extended Commands

What it does:

Provides an API and modules for administrative functions for your servers (Think advanced commands, but without the necessity of all of those disparate commands being in one plugin. If you don't like a set of commands, simply unload them!).

It provides these natives:

PHP Code:

native RegExtendedCommand(Function:command,const String:name[],const String:category[]="misc"); // A short note on categories: They can be anything you want, they will automatically be added to the menus.
native UnRegExtendedCommand(Function:command);
native GetGame(); 

It also provides these stocks:

PHP Code:

stock bool:IsValidPlayer(i)
stock AddClientsToMenu(Handle:menu,FilterType:filter=filter_all

And this enums (for the AddClientsToMenu):

PHP Code:

enum FilterType
filter_all 0,

These commands:

sm_advmenu - Shows the plugin's primary menu

sm_advitem <item> - Shows that particular command's menu (e.g. !advitem Set player HP). Note: this one was sort of shoehorned in, as you could possibly tell - I'm interested in feedback on it.

Current Modules:

As this was a project that I had dropped a few weeks back due to lack of time, I haven't really added all that many modules to it.

Player Commands:

Set Player HP - Provides a menu to set client HP to 150/125/100/75/50/25.

Respawn Player - Provides a menu to respawn currently dead players

Kill Player - Provides a menu to kill currently living players

War3Source commands:

Heal To Max HP - Provides a menu to heal players to their maximum War3 health

Reset Cooldowns - Provides a menu to reset the cooldowns of any player.

Current Issues:

None to my knowledge, although this plugin has not been thoroughly tested yet.

What it requires:

My Improved Commands plugin: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=180761

War3Source's extensive include files are required to compile the war3source_commands module.

Future plans:

Currently I took a bit of a lazy approach and only attached admin flags to the menus (and by extension, the commands), I will later correct this with overrideable admin flags per command, but don't have the time to do that small, yet important, change quite yet.

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