This space is a placeholder for the plugin as it gets developed.

Planned features:

for 0.1:

sm_ent_fire: basic functions, target an entity by targetname and then fire an input on it.

for 0.2: Add the basic targetname hooks ent_fire has, !picker and !player (they will function exactly like they did with regular ent_fire)

for 0.5: Add a new input hook: addoutput, which will function exactly like addoutput did with ent_fire

for 1.1:

add new entity targetname hooks, !myplayer (targets the user's entity), !mypicker (targets whatever the user is aiming at as though it would if the user was client 0 and was using !picker)

for 1.2:

add new targetname hook, !solidpicker (version of picker where the trace is stopped by normals, since the original !picker is able to target point entities through walls)

for 1.3:

add new targetname hook, !mysolidpicker (like !solidpicker but the trace starts at the user)

for 1.4:

add new targetname hook, !allplayers (will target all connected clients with living player entities)

for 2.0: (if not, then eventually)

sm_ent_fire_byclass: This will add a new argument, which allows you to specify an entity classname to narrow down the search further if needed.


I picked Any as the game because it should theoretically work in any Source game, and since I'm adding new hooks for the targetname field, it will eventually be better than ent_fire since !player targets client 0, so adding !myplayer will make it more MP friendly.

(With regular ent_fire, if the admin using ent_fire isn't client 0, and isn't playing L4D/L4D2, he has no way of targeting himself with ent_fire, unless another admin sets his entity targetname using ent_setname)

In L4D/L4D2, you can target yourself by looking straight down (You can ent_remove yourself this way. Something I found out during the L4D2 demo the hard way)

Fun fact: I've had 12 people build forts with me using Sourcemod in L4D2 since the L4D2 demo came out. Every one of them has ent_removed themself by accident at some point. They were looking down at their feet and trying to use ent_remove to get rid of the prop that they were standing on.

Thankfully L4D2 only crashes the client who was ent_removed when this happens (meaning you don't lose all the placed entities when some idiot deletes himself). In TF2 ent_remove'ing a player crashes the server

Orignal From: ent_fire

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