[DOD:S] Hunter or Hunted


The axis team are the predators, the allies team are the humans. The predators are mostly invisible and are given only knives. The humans have any choice of weapons and are fully visible. The round ends when one of the teams is killed. When a player dies they are moved to spec until the end of the round.

How to Play

At the start of the round everyone is set to humans/allies.

Pick some players to go axis to become the predators (1-4 works well).

Live the round with sm_hunter_live.

Keep the humans in spawn to give the predators time to hide in the map.

Let the humans out of spawn to find the predators

Players automatically get moved to spec when killed.

The goal is for the humans to kill all the predators before they kill the humans.

The round is won after one of the teams is dead.

Admin Commands
  • sm_hunter_live

Makes the round live.

  • sm_hunter -- 0/1 -- Enable or disable the plugin functionality.

ConVars Set

These are the convars set by the plugin when sm_hunter is 1. The plugin reverts back to old values when sm_hunter is 0.
  • mp_friendlyfire 1

  • mp_limitteams 0

  • mp_timelimit 0


Place the .smx file in your sourcemod plugins folder.


  • None currently


  • Initial release.

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