[DoD:S] DeathMatch


This plugin adds legendary deathmatch gameplay for Day of Defeat: Source!

Big thanks to Andresso for helping me out with version 2.0!

What is DeathMatch:

DM is a type of gameplay where players spawns randonly on a map. When a player kills another, he gets ammo and health. DM is used for warming up and may even help you improve your skill.

17 maps are available for DM:
  • dod_anzio

  • dod_argentan

  • dod_avalanche

  • dod_colmar

  • dod_donner

  • dod_flash

  • dod_jagd

  • dod_kalt

  • dod_palermo

  • dod_catania_rc2

  • dod_coire_rc3

  • dod_diversion_b4

  • dod_harrington

  • dod_lennon

  • dod_santos_b3

  • dod_solitude_match

  • dod_vallente_rc3


DoD Hooks


SendProxy Manager

Server ConVars:

dm_mode <0/1> - Set DeathMatch mode. 0 = Team Deathmatch (allies vs axis), 1 = Free For All (all vs all)

dm_pistols <0/1> - Give pistols for Rifleman & Support classes.

dm_grenades <0/1> - Allow grenades & smoke in DM.

dm_kill_ammo <0/1> - Enable ammo restoration on kills.

dm_kill_heal_amount <#> - Amount of HP to restore on kills.

dm_kill_start_regen <0/1> - Start the heal-over-time regen immediately after a kill.

dm_regenhp <1> - Health added per regeneration tick. Set to 0 to disable.

dm_regentick <#> - Delay between regeration ticks (in seconds).

dm_regendelay <#> - Seconds after damage before regeneration.

dm_spawn_delay <#> - Spawn timer.

dm_showhp <0/1> - Print killer's health to victim on death.

dm_customconfig "config" Load a custom config when DM is loaded. (without .cfg!) E.g. sourcemod/sm_warmode_on

Admin Commands:

sm_addsp <allies/axis> - Adds a spawn point for specified team at the player's current position.

sm_savesp - Save spawn points for current map.


  • v1.0

    * Initial release.


    * Rewrited and optimized code (for more than 10x times!) Approximately 8192 ( was 91158 ) bytes of memory are in use by Handles now!

    -Added new CVar - dm_mode

    -Added new mode - Free For All

    -Added two new admin commands (root access required) - !addsp and !savesp

    -Removed dm_spawnrandom

    -Removed loc command

    -dm_disablenades renamed to dm_grenades

    -Fixed bug, when ammo was refill only for one (active) weapon

    -Spawnpoints for each map now specified in configs/deathmatch/mapname.cfg

    -and much more...

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