[CS:S] Winner Choose Map (v1.0, 28-04-2012)

[CS:S] Winner Choose Map


This plugin allow the first player who reach the mp_fraglimit number to choose the next map. It open an "admin like" menu to choose the map from maplist.txt

When the winner reach the max score, a message is displayed in chat : "Golden_Eagle has won the game. He has reached a frag score of 50 first and will now be able to choose the next map."


You must have mp_fraglimit XX set in your server.cfg, otherwise the plugin won't work.

You also should disable any votemap plugin, because this one would replace the map defined by the vote.


- It has only been tested on CS:S and as it requires the mp_fraglimit cvar, it should work with any other game who use it.

Special thanks to :

- Sourcemod devs for LoadMapList()

- TnTSCS for helping me

PS : I'm french and my english is not perfect, so feel free to tell me if I've done any language mistake :)

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