[CS:S] Fly Command v1.0.1 (Updated: 4/12/11)


  • Apparently this doesn't already exist, or at least in a stand alone form. Provides the flying benefits of sm_noclip without the ability to pass through props. It's a very quick copy/paste job from another one of my mods, so it's pretty short on the features. I don't see it being used much, so it's not written perfectly, but here it is anyways.

  • Only tested on CS:S, may work on TF2/DoD:S/etc


  • sm_fly - the !fly command is hooked from chat so it won't spam.
    • Hold shift (default: +speed) to stop mid-flight.


  • sm_fly_enabled - Enables/disables the ability to use the sm_fly command.

  • sm_fly_override - The override checked for access to use the sm_fly command. Set to "" to allow anyone to use the command.
    • Default: Command_Fly

  • sm_fly_flag - The flag to check if a user does not have access to the provided override. Set to "" to allow anyone to use the command.
    • Default: b

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