Bhop script

This script 100% working
alias speed_mod "speed_walk"
alias speed_walk "+speed;;echo Now Walk ... !!!!!!;;alias speed_mod 
alias speed_run "-speed;;echo Now Run ... !!!!!!;;alias speed_mod 
alias +_bhop "alias _special bhop_;bhop_"
alias -_bhop "alias _special"
alias bhop_ "-+;wait;special"
alias -+ "bhop+"
alias bhop+ "+jump;alias -+ bhop-"
alias bhop- "-jump;alias -+ bhop+"
bind "space" "+_bhop"
bind "space"   "+bhop"

alias +hop "alias _special hopf;hopf"
alias -hop "alias _special slot10"
alias hopf "special;wait;+jump;wait;-jump"
bind space +hop
1.Open notepad
2.Copy/Paste this sript
3.Save it and name it bhop.cfg
4.Run your cs 1.6
5.Tupe in console exec bhop.cfg

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