[ANY?] No Name Change (0.0.1)


  • This was reusted in the gameplay ideas, i thought it would be nice to have.

  • What this does its it saves the player's name (with SQLite) so when he leaves, and joins back, before the time (set) is up then it will not update to his new name, it will use his old name.

  • Advantages: Stops player name changing constantly, stops people from chatting with their names, also could stop posers (client quits then rejoins with admin name to pose as an admin).

  • Disadvantages: Spams chat when some one trys to set their name? (any idea how to block the usermessage?), Some admins might get mad at this idea, but heck its a good idea.


  • Ability to stop players from changing their names while in the server

  • Player must leave then change their name, then join the server.

  • using the sm_nnc_time cvar it can stop people from changing their name until that time runs out.

  • More to come!


  • sm_nnc_time - Set to 0 to disable the plugin, or any number (minutes)

    Floats have NO effect.


  • /sourcemod/scripting/NoNameChange.sp

  • /sourcemod/plugins/NoNameChange.smx



I have only tried this out in CSS, but if you get this working on your other server (NEOTOKYO, etc.), Please Post!

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