[ANY] Admin Connect Message (Extended)

Admin Connect Message (Extended)

Post Connecting Admins Through Say Sommands

Based off the original admin connect message. This is just meant to have a bit more customization to appeal to server admins and players.

CVar's (Defaults):


- sm_adminconmsg_version "1.0"

Plugin Version

- sm_adminconmsg_enabled "1"

Enable Admin Connect Message (0 | 1)

- sm_adminconmsg_chat "1"

Post Admin Connect in Chat (0 | 1)

- sm_adminconmsg_center "1"

Post Admin Connect in Center (0 | 1)

- sm_adminconmsg_hint "1"

Post Admin Connect in Hint (0 | 1)

Config file will be automatically created at cfg\sourcemod\plugin.adminconmsg.cfg

Version Log:


Version 1.0 - 4/29/2012

* Initial Release

To Do:

Add Custom Flag Support for Donators/VIPs.

See my other plugins.

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