[TF2] Bot Chatter

What is it?
Bots eventually saying something in chat. OH SHI-
How to install?
Drag and drop.
How to configure?
See examples in /configs/tf2botchatter.txt file.
CVars & CMDs:

PHP Code:

tf_bot_chatter_version // plugin version

tf_bot_chatter_enable 1 // enable/disable plugin

tf_bot_chatter_log 1 // toggle logging

// commands

tf_bot_chatter_refresh // re-read config 

* Give some more messages;

* Adapt to each Valve's game;

* React on chat messages;

* Dialogues.
* Some dude;

* Jwu;

* LordMarqus.
Changelog: http://files.xpenia.org/sourcemod/tf2bc/

Download: Plugin (Source code)

Examples: config, translations.

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