[CS:S] Macrodox - Bhop cheat detection

Macrodox was first written in 2009 for Aoki's Bhop server in response to the increasing amount of cheaters trying to get speedrun records. Main goal was to have automatic banning without any false positives. It's been in private use for years now, and has done a good job.

  • Punishes +left/+right strafe binds with slay.

  • Detects common bhop cheats, such as hacks, macros and some hyper/autoscroll mouse features.

  • Bans are delayed to confuse detected cheaters whether or not they've been caught.

  • Option to call a console command to delete records on ban.

  • Log file with ban details.

  • Admin command to check player stats and detection state.

  • Admin command to enable a STEAM_ID to use the stats command for debugging.


mdx_stats <#userid|name|@all> -- requires ban rights, prints stats of specified targets to your console. First number (0/1) indicates if a person was caught. Advanced explanation will follow.

mdx_test <#userid|name|@all> -- same as above, only usable for the id set with the command below (needs no ban rights tho)

mdx_debug STEAM_ID -- requires ban rights, sets the ID that can use mdx_test


Edit the #defines if needed.


//If you have a timer that can delete records you might want to edit this

//for auto deletion. Console command gets called with steamid as parameter.

//#define DELETE_CMD "sm_timer_delete"

//Command used to delayed ban.

//Default is "banid 0 %s macrodox"

#define BAN_CMD "banid 0 %s macrodox"


//Enables aspi/Inami to use stats command

//#define DEFAULT_DEBUGID "STEAM_0:0:6183127"

Note: banid is used because the players most likely wont be on the server anymore when the delayed ban happens.



2012-03-29 - 1.7 akkord: Release

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