Counter Strike Dedicated Servers CS:S and CS1.6


Level System

Win2003 Std / 1x AMD Opteron 2.2 Ghz /
RAM 1 GB / HDD 60 GB
250 GB Transfer / 7 IP
Control Panel


Level System

Win2003 Std / 2x AMD Opteron 2.2 Ghz /
RAM 2 GB / HDD 120 GB
500 GB Transfer / 14 IP
Control Panel


Level System

Win2003 Std / 4x AMD Opteron 2.2 Ghz /
RAM 4 GB / HDD 320 GB
1000 GB Transfer / 28 IP
Control Panel

What is a dedicated server?

With a dedicated server you have complete control over the computer that your game servers are on. You can install as many game servers from any game type that we offer. For someone who wants multiple game servers and full control over their game server environment, this service is recommended. You have full control to make your game servers run exactly like you want with the most advanced performance available.

For customers that want to purchase a single game server, we recommend our game server packages. Our game server packages are more cost effective for single servers and provide everything needed. We take care of all of the advanced configurations for you.

What is included in the custom control panel?

You receive all of the benefits that our typical game server customers do and more.

How many game servers can I install?

With the Entry Level Package you can fit between 2 and 10 game servers. With the Intermediate Level Package you can fit between 5 and 15 game servers. With the Professional Level Package you can fit between 7 and 30 game servers. It depends on if you decide to ping boost your game servers or not and how many slots that you want on your game servers.

What will the fps and tickrate of my server be?

The fps of your server will be determined by what you set it at. You can have the highest fps setting you choose. You have the option to change your tickrate at any time.

Can I install a web hosting control panel or other applications?

Yes, you can install the applications that you want on the server. You can use it for web hosting and other services. We do not offer support for any additional applications that you install on your server.



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