[ANY] Rocket 1.0

Boom. Rocket. If you've used Evolve on Garry's Mod before, you know what this does.

Upon doing sm_rocket <target>, the target will go up, up, and [S]away[/S]die. On the way up they'll have a nice little rocket trail attached to them, and after flying for a second or two, they'll go boom in a cool, harmless explosion. Same deal as ev_rocket. You will also get the kill credit for said death (assuming the target is on the other team, or friendly fire is on).

As stated, Evolve came up with this whole rocketing business, I believe. Launching-unfortunate-victims-into-the-air code is from PropHunt, slay-and-give-kill-credit code is from Goomba Stomp. Slaying-people mechanic based on Admin Smite. AttachParticle() and DeleteParticle() are from Achievement Trophy.



  • sm_rocket <player> rockets a player. That's it. Can be anyone who's alive.


  • sm_rocket_delay (def. 1.0) - Time, in seconds, to delay the target's death.

  • sm_rocket_force (up to 3.9, def. 1.0) - How fast the target is launched upwards, also translates into how far. 1= 1500 hammer units/second, 2.66=4000, Evolve's rocket velocity.

  • sm_rocket_explosion (1/0, def. 1) - If 1, explosion added to rocket deaths for extra boom.

  • sm_rocket_trail (1/0, def. 1) - If 1, a rocket trail is added to the target while flying.

Tested on TF2, but should work on any game. Thanks, and have fun!

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