[TF2] Super Steak

[TF2] Super Steak

Version 1.0.0


Players picking up a dropped Buffalo Steak Sandvich will acquire the same effects a heavy gets when eating the steak. (Damage taken and dealt will be minicrits, and the player is restricted to melee).

Both friendly and enemy players may pick up dropped steaks.


  • None


  • sm_supersteak_time "10"
    • How long the effect lasts. Eating the steak gives 15 seconds normally. You may want to use a smaller value since there is no time spent eating.

Install Instructions:

  1. Download the attached .smx file or get the source and compile locally

  2. Get the melee.txt gamedata from This Thread and put it in your gamedata folder.



  • Ditto

Version History:

  • V1.0.0

    • Initial Release


Attached Files

File Type: smx

SuperSteak.smx (4.5 KB)

File Type: sp

Get Plugin or
Get Source (SuperSteak.sp - 2.6 KB)

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