[L4D2] Healing Gnome (1.0) [28-Feb-2012]


  • Healing Gnome for all game modes.

  • Gives temporary health or main health. Not above 100 HP.

  • To change the speed someone is healed use this cvar: sv_healing_gnome_replenish_rate cvar

  • Can spawn in the saferoom with players (set l4d2_gnome_safe to "1").

  • Save up to 32 Gnomes for auto-spawning. (Saved to l4d2_gnome.cfg in \addons\sourcemod\data).


  • disawar1 - For the idea.

  • alexip121093 - Auto spawn request.

  • ilyaadminman

Admin Commands: (requires "z" flag)

PHP Code:

sm_gnome       // Spawns a temporary gnome at your crosshair.
sm_gnomesave   // Spawns a gnome at your crosshair and saves to config.
sm_gnomedel    // Removes the gnome your crosshair is pointing at.
sm_gnomewipe   // Removes all gnomes from the current map and deletes them from the config.
sm_gnomelist   // Display a list gnome positions and the total number of.
sm_gnomeang    // Displays a menu to adjust the gnome& nbsp;angles your crosshair is over.
sm_gnomepos    // Displays a menu to adjust the gnome origin your crosshair is over. 


Saved to l4d2_gnome.cfg in your \left4dead2\cfg\sourcemod\ folder.

PHP Code:

l4d2_gnome_allow  "1"   // 0=Plugin off, 1=Plugin on.
l4d2_gnome_heal   "1"   // 0=Off, 1=Heal players holding the gnome.
l4d2_gnome_modes  ""    // Enable plugin on these gamemodes, separate by commas (no spaces). (Empty = all).
l4d2_gnome_random "-1"  // -1=All, 0=None. Otherwise randomly select this many gnomes to spawn from the maps confg.
l4d2_gnome_safe   "1"   // 0=Off, 1=On round start spawn the gnome in the&nb sp;saferoom.
l4d2_gnome_temp   "5"   // -1=Add temporary health, 0=Add to main health. Values between 1 and 100 creates a chance to give main health, else temp health.
l4d2_gnome_version // Healing Gnome plugin version. 

  1. Click "Get Plugin" and save to your \addons\sourcemod\plugins folder.

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