[HL2:DM] Roflcopter Roleplay (v1.0.0, 2/3/12)

Official Half-Life 2: Deathmatch Roflcopter Roleplay Mod

  • Original roleplay idea and realisation by Joe 'PinkFairie' Maley.

  • Updated and expanded by Krim, Alm and SpaceBass

  • Code optimized and improoved by Monkeys

  • Credits: Nick (Lots of modified features and functions from Nicks mod)

  • Thanks to Monkeys for going through the whole script and optimizing what he could as is on his busy schedule :D

============================================ ============================================
  • Version: 1.0.0

============================================ ============================================

  • Server

  • Compiling


Additional Plugins:

What's the point?

The main idea is to make money and buy things. Creating an identity for yourself in-game and staying in character is also part of the game, but the main point is to simply relax and have fun. This script has gone under lots of development by multiple people so that the community may enjoy it.

Roflcopter Roleplay?

Roflcopter Roleplay has been around for awhile. The source base being Krims V2 was taken and extended by Alm. The mod was popular, but never officially released. After Alm left HL2:DM I took over the source and have been extending it. The mod was never intended to be released or coded to be extandable (natives and such) and is very messy and WILL output errors in your sourcemod logs. It was just a source to learn from and practice with. A lot of people have tried to get their eyes on it, so I am trying to tidy it up and finally release it for the community to hopefully use it and help develop other RP works.

See it in action?

Thread Definitions:
  • <action> - Whatever key your +use is binded to. Default: (E)

  • <sprint> - Whatever key your +sprint is binded to. Default: (Shift)

  • Menu/NPCs - Any menu is accessible through the ESC key

Nicks Features


Dynamic Map Configuarions:


Every map will have its own directory automatically created in "data/roleplay/". All the data files specific to that map will be created on command use.

Admin Commands (Coordinates go by where you are standing)
  • sm_addjail <id> - Add jail cell. ID 1-10.

  • sm_removejail <id> - Delete a jail cell

  • sm_listjails - List Jail cells.

  • sm_setexit - Set Exit coord.

  • sm_setsuicide <1-2> - Set suicide coordinate.

  • sm_removesuicide <1-2> - Remove suicide coordinate.

  • sm_listsuicide - List suicide Coords.

  • sm_setvipjail - Set vip jail.

  • sm_createcopdoor <1-64> - Create a default cop door.

  • sm_removecopdoor <1-64> - Remove a default cop door.

  • sm_listcopdoors - List cop doors used. If 0, its not being used.

  • sm_setafk - Set up an afk room (Added to cop menu)

No Kill Zones:


  • Players can not be damaged or deal damage to anything while in a nokill zone.

  • Nokill does not apply to players with crime above the cuff-rate. This does not mean they can deal damage to players in nokill or be damaged by players in nokill.

  • Criminals in nokill can be damaged by criminals and cops and be cuffed by cops.

Admin Commands
  • sm_createnokillzone <id> - Create a no kill zone. Radius of zone is 200 points. ID can be 1-100.

  • sm_removenokillzone <id> - Delete no kill zone.

  • sm_listnokillzones - List no kill zones. 1-100. If it says 9999.0 as the coord then it is not being used.

  • sm_refreshzones - Refresh nokill zones.

No Crime Zones:


  • Will not gain crime at all

Admin Commands
  • sm_createnocrimezone <id> - Create a no kill zone. Radius of zone is 200 points. ID can be 1-100.

  • sm_removenocrimezone <id> - Delete no kill zone.

  • sm_listnocrimezones - List no kill zones. 1-100. If it says 9999.0 as the coord then it is not being used.

  • sm_refreshcrimezones - Refresh nocrime zones.

Spawning System:


  • You can now create spawns for the rebels and cops. If no cop spawns are made, cops will spawn at rebel coordinates.

Admin Commands
  • sm_createspawn <id> <1-rebels 2-cops>

  • sm_removespawn <id> <1-rebels 2-cops>

  • sm_spawnlist <1-rebels 2-cops>

Taxi System:


  • NPC-ID (8): Menu displays taxi locations. The further the destination the more the cost.

Admin Commands
  • sm_addtaxizone <id> <Destination name in quotes> - Add a taxi destination. Players will be teleported here. ID is 1-20

  • sm_removetaxizone <id> - Remove the taxi destination.

  • sm_listtaxizones - List taxi zones that you used.

Car System:


  • Next map load will spawn created cars (sm_createcar). Cars spawn locked and you need the keys to lock/unlock it using <shift>

  • Car entities change on map load so do not use looknotice/setnotice on them. Feel free to use a temporary notice though.

Admin Commands
  • sm_createcar <id 1-50> - Create a car.

  • sm_removecar <id 1-50> - Remove a car.

  • sm_carlist - List cars.

  • sm_givecarkeys <name> - Give keys to the car.

  • sm_takecarkeys <name> - Take away keys to the car.



  • The firefighter career allows a player to diffuse/dispose a bomb and remove fires.

  • Rebels can spawn bombs bought from select vendors with the bomb item.

  • Bombs go off and create fires.

  • Fires are removed automatically after three minutes

  • Rebels may plant bombs and arm them with the <action> key. Bombs take 30 seconds to go off.

  • Firefighters may dispose of non-armed bombs using /dispose.

  • Firefighters may diffuse armed bombs using /diffuse

  • Firefighters may use /watergunon and /watergunoff to control their hoses. Put your cursor on a fire to slowly put it out (fire health disaplays center screen).

Free Dynamic Jobs:


  • Add dynamic jobs in the jobs2.txt

  • Only added Nicks robber and drug addict jobs (drugs currently disabled).

  • Type /jobinfo for information on your current job.

Roflcopter Features


NPC System:


Press <action> on NPCs to use them or bring up their menus.

Admin Commands
  • sm_createnpc <ID 1-100> <NPC> <type 0-11> <opt model> - Create a npc based on your feet.
    • <ID> - To differentiate NPCs. Keep <1-14> free for employers.

    • <NPC> - Type of HL2 npc. Example: dog, alyx, gman, mossman.

    • <type> - Function of npc.

    • <opt model> - Use a custom model instead of HL2. Do not use models/ or .mdl in this argument.

  • sm_removenpc <type 0-11> <1-100> - Remove a npc.

  • sm_npcwho – Prints the npc id number in chat by looking at the npc.

  • sm_npclist – Prints all the npcs in console.

  • sm_npcnotice <id> <text> - Place a notice on a npc.

  • sm_addvendoritem <id> <item id> - Add an item to a vendor npc.

  • sm_removevendoritem <id> <item id> - Take an item away from a vendor npc.

NPC Types


  • Type:0(Employers) - Creates a dynamic job employer dependant on their NPC-ID (Not all are for careers)
    • Dynamic Job Employers:


      ID:1(Banker Career)

      ID:2(Weapons Career)

      ID:3(Police Career)

      ID:4(Food Career)

      ID:5(Medical Career)

      ID:6(Political Career)

      ID:7(Sanitation Career)

      ID:8(Teacher Career)

      ID:9(Furniture Career)

      ID:10(Gangsters Career)

      ID:11(Demote Menu)

      ID:12(VIPSkin Menu)

      ID:13(Bankers Career)

      ID:14(Rebels Career)

      Check my player guide page for career promotions and details ::Not Fully Updated:: [HERE]

  • Type:1(Bankers) - Banking options and stats

  • Type:2(Vendors) - Add items for players to buy

  • Type:3(Stats) - View your stats on this NPC

  • Type:4(Rebuyers) - Add items to this NPC for players to resell to

  • Type:5(XP Traders) - Menu to trade in XP for cash

  • Type:6(Police Equipment) - Police use <action> to gain weapons dependant on their job

  • Type:7(Police Vendors) - Vendor that only police can use

  • Type:8(DonorWeapons Vendors) - VIPs use <action> to gain weapons dependant on their rank

  • Type:9(Auctioneer) - Disabled

  • Type:10(Taxi Drivers) - Nicks Taxi NPC

  • Type:11(Free Job Employer) - Nicks Dynamic Jobs

Crime System:


Crime is earned from criminal behavior and illegal item use. Cops can cuff criminals with enough crime and they will go to jail. The more crime you have the longer you'll stay in jail. The max jail time being thirty minutes. Type /defaults in chat to see cuff-rate (crime you can be cuffed at).

Bounty System:


If you gain enough crime you will get a bounty on your head. The more bounty the more the reward a player gets if they kill you, and you go to jail. Type /defaults in chat to see bounty-rate (crime you get a bounty at).

Jail System:


  • Prisoners HUD will display how long they've been cuffed, when their auto-release is, and when they can be uncuffed by a cop.

  • Cops can not uncuff prisoners freely.

  • Jail time is 1 second for every 10 crime the prisoner had when cuffed.

  • Cops can release a prisoner after 50% of their time has been served.

  • To tell when someone has served enough time in jail, look at them, then read "Release From Jail: Yes/No"

  • Jail times can not exceed 30 minutes. After 30 minutes players are auto-released.

Starter Pack:


You can edit the starter pack in the rp_main. Search for the code below (Ctrl+F)


//If Person is new - This is the Starter Pack

    if(Minutes[Client] == 0)


        CPrintToChat(Client, "{blue}[RP] You are new to this server. Giving you a starter pack. Now type /motd for help.");

        Minutes[Client] = 1;

        Bank[Client] = 10000;

        CPrintToChat(Client, "{green}[RP]x01 Bank: %d", Bank[Client]);

        ServerCommand("sm_additem %d 4 6", Client);



HUD System:


I will just put screenshots for this part.

Look on the top left corner of the screen to see the HUD. It has important information.

Type /hudcolor in chat then hit the "ESC" key to access the HUD color changing menu.

Type /mainhud in chat to cycle between the three HUD displays (Left/Top/Off - Top may be messy as I have seperated the time from the same display).

Type /centerhud in chat to cycle the centerhud on/off (when you are looking at another player).

Player Stats:


Almost all of your stats can be viewed at a stats NPC. Your income and other alikes can be viewed at a banker.

Pay System:


You earn your wage every minute. Which goes into your "Earned Cash". Which can then be withdrawn by pressing <action> on a banker vendor and seleting "Pocket Earned Cash" at which point you'll want to then bank the cash.

Job System:


The roflcopter roleplay feautres dynamic jobs and custom jobs. I recently sorted these two out.

  • A dynamic job is when you employ yourself by talking to an employment NPC.

  • You gain XP by doing your job. Type /jobinfo in chat to see how to do your current job.

  • XP can be used to employ yourself in other careers or promote yourself at your current occupation NPC.

  • Each job/rank has a set pay. Dynamic job titles are called "Job" and payments "Wage" and time "Job Time".

  • A custom job is when you type /job <name> in chat to set yourself a custom job.

  • You must be a "Citizen" under dynamic jobs before your custom job will activate.

  • Just see a demotion NPC to get demoted to "Citizen", if not already.

  • Unlike dynamic jobs your pay increases by how much time you have in custom jobs.

  • You can check how much time until your next raise at a stats NPC.

  • Custom jobs titles are called "Occupation" and payment "Salary" and time "Occupation Time".

Player Menu/Vendor System:


  • Certain dynamic jobs allow you to sell items. EX: Gun Lord sells guns.

  • A job that sells items is a player vendor. A player vendor can view their stock with /stock.

  • Players can buy from player vendors by pressing <action> on them and visiting the [Use Player] menu.

  • You can add player vendors and edit their stocks in the pvitems.txt

  • Other dynamic jobs allow you to use actions on players. EX: Doctors can heal.

  • To do this a player would use <action> on another and visit the [Your Actions] menu.

  • These functions could easily be moved directly to CommandUse, but that is up to you.

Hunger System:


  • Hunger is displayed in your main HUD. Your hunger shows how hungry you are, from "Full" to "Dieng of Hunger".

  • Lessen your hunger by eating food bought from vendors offering them or food employed players.

  • Different foods feed you better (this can be set in the items.txt).

  • If your hunger displays "Starving" or lower you will not gain pay or minutes in the server.

  • If your hunger sits at "Dieng of Hunger" too long you will die and respawn at "Starving".

Stamina System:


  • Stamina is displayed in your main HUD. Your stamina shows how tired you are [0-100].

  • Stamina is required to do things throughout the roflcopter roleplay (Robbing/using items).

  • Regain your stamina by drinking stam shakes bought from vendors offering them or food(Rank dependant) employed players.

  • Different shakes feed you better (this can be set in the items.txt).

  • If your hunger displays "Starving" or lower you will not gain pay or minutes in the server.

  • Your stamina will slowly regenerate every minute. How much it regenerates each minute depends on your <job-lvl> (not promotion).

Job-Level System:


  • When you promote yourself throughout your careers the mod sets your job-level as well.

  • This can be changed in the script or manually set with sm_employ.

  • The higher your job-level the more your stamina regenerates every minute.

Unique Items:


  • Cloak - Camoflauges the player

  • Snow Cloak - Causes snow flakes to fall around you

  • Roflcopter - A tool built for one to fly (mods theme item)

  • Virus - <action> will release a gas and kill players near by turning them into zombies (needs testing)

  • Radio - Allows you to put CDs in and play them (Has a stop feature but it does not work)

  • CD's - Add different CD's in the items.txt file

  • Lamp - Spawn a lamp that can be turned on/off

  • Timebomb - Place one of these in someones pocket!

  • Item Packs - Allows you to sell items in packs

  • Present - Chooses between specified items to randomly give one the happy player

  • Arrest Warrant - Does nothing right now

  • Search Warrant - Use this on criminals door then /kickdoor to break one lock, unlock the door, and open it!

  • Megaphone - I like to talk in green txt in chat too

  • Prize Food - Food that gives you a surprise item is the best

  • Stamina Shakes - Refill that stamina

  • Medkit - This is different from a healthkit. Medkits let you heal OTHER players

  • Nervegas - Kill the town with gas!

  • Canister(Beta) - I recently made the canister and it should work fine. Pressing <action> releases a gas that infects nearby players, turning them into zombies for one life span.

  • Printer(Beta) - This is pretty much the same thing as Nicks drug plant with some modifications to act like printers off of Gmod. Payouts and chances to blow up.

  • Drug Plant - Drug plant from Nicks mod with some variable modifications.

Changed: Nerfd drugs and printers A LOT. Both cost $500. Max printers is one and drugs three. Printers have %30 chance to blow each use and pay $10 every minute.

Drugs have %65 chance to pay every minute and gives 2 grams. Grams are $2 each. Max grams is 500. Both combined is around 6k profit in 5hrs

Without explosions and skipped minutes, explosions possibly leading to profit loss.

Changed: Drug Addict into Illegal Dealer who sells illegal items. The item can then be used by the player, but not dropped or used by cops.

Prisoner Options:


  • Feed: Feed the prisoner

  • AFKROOM: Sends a player to the AFK room

  • VIPJail: Sends a prisoner to the VIP cell

  • Execute: Sentence a prisoner to execution

  • Suicide Chamber: Sends a prisoner to a suicide chamber

  • Suicide Chamber 2: Sends a prisoner to a suicide chamber

  • Shackle: Freeze a prisoner

  • Unshackle: Unfreeze a prisoner

  • Grab: Grab a prisoner

  • Let Go: Let go of a prisoner

Talkzone System:


  • Say chat is global.

  • Teamsay is global but limited to a radius in which players can hear you.

  • Teamsay radius can be increased by including "yell" at the begining.

  • Teamsay can be reduced by saying "whisper" at the begining.

  • Use phones to talk to other players.

  • sm_call <player> - Call a player.

  • sm_answer - Answer your phone

  • sm_hangup - Hang up your phone

  • sm_togglephone - Turn your phone on/off

Admin Commands
  • sm_call <player> - Call a player.

  • sm_sayadmin <message> - Says to all players.

  • sm_megaphone <message> - Prints text to everyone.

Props System: Disabled Until Fixed


The prop plugin saves all props to the maps data directory in props.txt every 2 minutes.

Admin Commands
  • sm_saveit - Saves all props on the map.

  • sm_spawn <model path> - Spawns a prop. EX: models/gman.mdl

  • sm_killit - Deletes a prop.

  • sm_freezeit - Freezes a prop.

  • sm_unfreezeit - Unfreezes a prop.

  • sm_walkthru - Makes a prop able to be walked through.

Door System:


Client Commands
  • sm_door - Look at a door you want to buy/manage to bring up the menu.

  • sm_doors - Tells you how many doors you own

  • sm_kickdoor - Cops can use this after they pull a warrant to kick in a door.

Admin Commands
  • sm_givedoor <Name> - Gives a door to a player.

  • sm_takedoor - Removes the owner and puts a door up for sale.

  • sm_givepermkey <Name> - Gives the door to a player

  • sm_setowner <player ID> <door ID> - sets an owner.

  • sm_removeowner <player ID> <door ID> - removes an owner.

  • sm_gkey <owner ID> <player ID> <door ID> - gives a key.

  • sm_tkeys <owner ID> <door ID> - takes keys.

  • sm_setprice <price> - sets a price on a door you look at.

  • sm_setlink <Main Door> <Linked Door> - Links a door.

  • sm_takepermkey <Name> - Takes the door from a player

  • sm_permkeys - Lookup for owner

  • sm_takepermbyid <SteamID> - Remove user by SteamId

  • sm_showprice - Look at door

  • sm_keys - Look at a door to see the owner and key holders.

  • sm_lastbreak - Look at a door to see the last break-in.

  • sm_allpermkeys - Point and go.

  • sm_lockit - Items can not break or bypass this lock.

  • sm_unlockit - Unlocks an admin locked door.

Configuration Commands
  • sm_createrebeldoor <1-64> - Create a default rebel door.

  • sm_removerebeldoor <1-64> - Remove a default rebel door.

  • sm_listrebeldoors - List the default rebel doors.

  • sm_createvipdoo <1-64> - Create a default VIP door.

  • sm_removevipdoor <1-64> - Remove a default VIP door.

  • sm_listvipdoors - List the default VIP doors.

Push System:


  • Rebels may use sm_push to nudge someone.

  • Rebels may use a crowbars secondary attack to push players (Josteling cops gains crime).

  • Cops may use a stunsticks secondary attack to shuv players.

VIP System:


  • sm_setvip <1-4> - Sets a players VIP status (0 == Removed - 1 == VIP - 2 == Ultimate VIP - 3 == Weapons Pack - 4 == Advanced Weapons Pack)


if(Status == 0)


            VIP[Player] = 0;

            Hunger[Player] = 100;

            //VIPTime[Player] = 0;

            ServerCommand("sm_getitem %d 167 1", Player);


            CPrintToChat(Player, "{green}[RP]x01 Your VIP status has been removed by %N", Client);


        } else

        if(Status == 1)


            VIP[Player] = 1;

            Hunger[Player] = 100000;

            ServerCommand("sm_getitem %d 167 1", Player);

            ServerCommand("sm_additem %d 167 1", Player);

            //VIPTime[Player] = 2592000;

            //VIPTime[Player] -= 1;

            CPrintToChat(Player, "{green}[RP]x01 Your status has been set to VIP by %N", Client);


        } else

        if(Status == 2)


            VIP[Player] = 2;

            Hunger[Player] = 100000;

            ServerCommand("sm_getitem %d 167 1", Player);

            ServerCommand("sm_additem %d 167 1", Player);

            ServerCommand("sm_addbank %d 25000", Player);

            CPrintToChat(Player, "{green}[RP]x01 Your status has been set to Ultimate VIP by %N", Client);


        } else

        if(Status == 3)


            VIP[Player] = 3;   

            CPrintToChat(Player, "{green}[RP]x01 Your status has been set to Weapon Package by %N", Client);


        } else

        if(Status == 4)


            VIP[Player] = 4; 

            CPrintToChat(Player, "{green}[RP]x01 Your status has been set to Advanced Weapon Package by %N", Client);





Admin Commands:
  • sm_createjob <ID> <Job> <0|1> - Creates a job (public|admin).

  • sm_removejob <ID> <0|1> - Removes a job from the database (public|admin).

  • sm_joblist - Lists jobs from the database.

  • sm_employ <Name> <ID> <Lvl> - Employ a player manually.

  • sm_firecop <name> - Fires a cop.

  • sm_employcop <name> - Employs a cop.

  • sm_createitem <ID> <name> <type> <variable> <cost> - Creates an item in the database.

  • sm_removeitem <Id> - Removes an item from the database.

  • sm_itemlist - Lists items from the database.

  • sm_reloaditems - Reloads the item database. Need this if you add/remove/edit anything while sever is laoded.

  • sm_additem <Name> <Id> <Amount> - Gives an item to a player.

  • sm_name <Name> <New Name> - Sets name.

  • sm_status - Lists status of all players.

  • sm_info <Name> - Returns player info.

  • sm_listitem <Name> - Lists all Items the player owns.

  • sm_getitem <Name> <Id> <Amount> - Removes an item from a player.

  • sm_setbank <Name> <Amount> - Sets the Bank of the Client.

  • sm_setmoney <Name> <Amount> - Sets the money of the Client.

  • sm_addbank <Name> <Amount> - Adds to the Bank of the Client.

  • sm_addmoney <Name> <Amount> - Adds to the money of the Client.

  • sm_takebank <Name> <Amount> - Takes from the Bank of the Client.

  • sm_takemoney <Name> <Amount> - Takes from the money of the Client.

  • sm_setminutes <Name> <Amount> - Sets the minutes of the Client.

  • sm_addminutes <Name> <Amount> - Adds minutes to the Client.

  • sm_takeminutes <Name> <Amount> - Takes minutes from the Client.

  • sm_setxp <Name> <Amount> - Set clients experience.

  • sm_addxp <Name> <Amount> - Add to clients experience.

  • sm_takexp <Name> <Amount> - Take from clients experience.

  • sm_sethunger <Name> <Amount> - Set clients hunger.

  • sm_setvip <ID> - Sets a players VIP status.

  • sm_cuff - Cuffs a player.

  • sm_uncuff - Uncuffs a player.

  • sm_crime <Name> <Crime #> - Sets crime.

  • sm_bounty <name> <amount> - Sets bounty.

  • sm_bountyall <bounty> - Sets a bounty on everyone.

  • sm_gpsbug <Player 1> <Player 2> - Set a tracer from one player to another (Player one sees it).

  • sm_withdraw <amount> - Withdraw money if 100 points from a banker.

  • sm_deposit <amount> - Deposit money if 100 points from a banker.

  • sm_afkroom - Send a person to AfkRoom.

  • sm_shackle <name> - Shackles a player.

  • sm_unshackle <name> - Unshackles a player.

  • sm_pull <name> - Toggles towing a player.

  • sm_forcepull <leader name> <follower name> - Set towing between players.

  • sm_envlamp - Spawns an environment lamp.

  • sm_blacklamp - Spawns a black lamp.

  • sm_setnotice <ent> "<Name>" - Sets a name on a specified entity.

  • sm_looknotice <0|1> "<Name>" - Sets a name on the object under crosshairs.

  • sm_lockit - A lock that can not be bypassed.

  • sm_unlockit - Unlock an admin lock.

  • sm_exchangerate <amount> - Sets a new exchange rate. How many dollars for one experience.

  • sm_convertitem <original id> <new id> - Change item ids in the save database. Can only be run through rcon/console with no players on. This is to prevent data corruption.

  • sm_bonuscash - Gives bonus cash for time. Made for a reset, can be removed.

  • sm_compcash - Gives 35k if minutes are above 239. Made for a reset, can be removed.

  • sm_timersreset - Resets the games timers.

  • sm_dlcheck <Name> <ID> - Prints out the downloads table (Don't believe this currently works).

  • sm_addgamblingzone <zone id> - Add a gambling zone

  • sm_removegamblingzone <zone id> - Remove a gambling zone

  • sm_listgamblingzones - List Gambling Zones that are used

  • sm_setgamblingowner <name> <zone id> - Set a gambling zone owner.

  • sm_removegamblingowner <zone id> - Remove a gambling zone owner.

  • sm_auct - Not used.

  • sm_boersenschluss - Not used.

  • sm_boersencrash - Not used.

Console Commands:
  • sm_dropmoney - Menu to drop money.

  • sm_gender - Switch between male/female genders.

  • sm_rank - Prins your rank stats in chat.

  • sm_stock - Shows an employed player their stock.

  • sm_model - Menu to change your gender model.

  • sm_switch - Command for cops to switch on/off duty (Spawn is always off-duty).

  • sm_noclip_off - Command to toggle noclip item off.

  • +roflcopter - Bind to a key to use a roflcopter if one is in your inventory and enabled.

  • -roflcopter - GoDown.

  • sm_duel - Toggles dueling mode on/off. Two players must have dueling enabled to deal damage to each other (This is for Cops vs Cops and Rebels vs Rebels).

  • sm_push - Nudges a player.

  • sm_hudcolor - Menu for changing HUD colors.

  • sm_job <name> - Set a custom job.

  • sm_jobinfo - See your current jobs details.

  • sm_defaults - Get a chat print out of all the roleplay defaults.

  • sm_vipjail - Send a prisoner to VIP jail (Cops only).

  • kickdoor - Kicks in a door after using a warrant (Cops only).

  • sm_casinocommands - Prints out the casino commands.

  • sm_mycasinos - Prints out info for your casinos.

  • sm_givecasinomoney - Put money into your casino.

  • sm_takecasinomoney - Take money from your casino.

  • sm_opencasino - Open your casino.

  • sm_closecasino - Close your casino.

  • sm_maxbet - Sets a max bet allowed in your casino.

  • sm_bettypes - Prints out bet types.

  • sm_bet <type> <amount> - Used to bet in casinos. Use sm_bettypes for bet types.

  • sm_doors - Show how many doors you have.

  • sm_door - Menu to manage/buy a door.

Say Commands:
  • /exitafk - Used to exit the afkroom.

  • /tracers - Toggles tracers on/off.

  • /items - Displays the inventory menu.

  • /watergunon - Turns a firefighters watergun on.

  • /watergunoff - Turns a firefighters watergun off.

  • /diffuse - Disarms a bomb.

  • /dispose - Disposes of a disarmed bomb.

  • /mainhud - Cycle between three HUD states (top-left-off). Top format is messy for now.

  • /centerhud - Cycles the center/player HUD on/off.

Job Information


  • <job> [<wage amount>]
    • <required minutes>

    • <required experience>

Dynamic Jobs
Sanitation Career

Pick up garbage and throw it into a dumpster, then press <action> on the dumpster to recycle the trash for experience.
  • Street Sweeper [$8]
    • 0 minutes

    • 0 experience

  • Sanitation Engineer [$11]
    • -- minutes

    • 300 experience

  • City Maintenance [$14]
    • -- minutes

    • 900 experience

  • State Health Inspector [$17]
    • -- minutes

    • 1800 experience

  • National Sanitation Engineer [$20]
    • -- minutes

    • 2700 experience

Teaching Career

Players may use <action> on you and visit the [Use Player] menu for motd URLs (set in the source).
  • Teaching Assistant [$8]
    • 180 minutes

    • 0 experience

  • Teacher [$11]
    • -- minutes

    • 70 experience

  • Principal [$14]
    • -- minutes

    • 105 experience

Homemaking Career

People can press <action> on you, then choose [Use Player] and buy things from you. You may type /stock to see what you sell.
  • Furniture Seller [$8]
    • 60 minutes

    • 0 experience

  • Furniture Mover [$11]
    • -- minutes

    • 200 experience

  • Interior Decorator [$14]
    • -- minutes

    • 500 experience

Weapons Dealer Career

People can press <action> on you, then choose [Use Player] and buy things from you. You may type /stock to see what you sell.
  • Light Weapons Dealer [$11]
    • 60 minutes

    • 200 experience

  • Heavy Weapons Dealer [$17]
    • -- minutes

    • 1500 experience

  • Gun Lord [$23]
    • -- minutes

    • 3700 experience

Cooking Career

People can press <action> on you, then choose [Use Player] and buy things from you. You may type /stock to see what you sell.
  • <job> [$9]
    • 0 minutes

    • 0 experience

  • <job> [$13]
    • 0 minutes

    • 0 experience

  • <job> [$17]
    • 0 minutes

    • 0 experience

  • <job> [$21]
    • 0 minutes

    • 0 experience

  • <job> [$25]
    • 0 minutes

    • 0 experience

Banking Career

People can press <action> on you, then choose [Use Player] for banker options.
  • Bank Associate [$12]
    • 120 minutes

    • 500 experience

  • Banker [$19]
    • -- minutes

    • 3500 experience

Medical Career

Press <action> on people who are hurt, then visit [Your Actions] menu and heal them.
  • Med Student [$10]
    • 240 minutes

    • 200 experience

  • Med Resident [$15]
    • -- minutes

    • 500 experience

  • Doctor [$20]
    • -- minutes

    • 1200 experience

  • Surgeon [$25]
    • -- minutes

    • 2300 experience

  • Chief of Surgery [$30]
    • -- minutes

    • 3400 experience

Gangster Career

Kill rebels with crime for experience and cops for experience.
  • Gangster [$12]
    • 180 minutes

    • 600 experience

  • Mafia Member [$19]
    • -- minutes

    • 1550 experience

  • Mafia Boss [$26]
    • -- minutes

    • 5100 experience

Rebel Career

This is a new idea career. Rebels may use [Use Player] to cuffsaw a prisoner. Cuffsaw has a 5m cooldown and gives crime.

Rebels may not attack eachother unless they toggle /duel to enabled. This does not include the leader.
  • Rebel [$18]
    • 0 minutes

    • 3000 experience

  • Rebel Leader [$25]

Exclusive Jobs
Police Career

Arrest people with crime and pull them to jail.
  • Police Recruit [$15]

  • Police Officer [$25]
    • -- minutes

    • 1k experience

  • Police Medic [$35] (Can be swapped with "Police Chief" without losing your job)
    • -- minutes

    • 2k experience

  • Police Chief [$35] (Can be swapped with "Police Medic" without losing your job)
    • -- minutes

    • 3k experience

  • SWAT [$45]
    • -- minutes

    • 4k experience

Firefighter Career

Put out fires, disarm, diffuse and dispose of bombs.
  • Firefighter [$30]

Political Career

Nothing, just wages.
  • City Official [$20]
    • 14400 minutes

    • 0 experience

VIP Career

VIP's are now handled through sm_setvip and other means. This is just for those that want this career.
  • VIP [--]

  • Ultimate VIP [--]

Management Career

Nothing, be awesome.
  • Management [$100]




Warnings = 0

Lines = 22728

CompileTime = 10.44s


Rebel Capturng Cops


No Push Zone (Similar to no-kill && no-crime)

Sell gambling zones

AI Capability (Full, not just zombies)

ADD Low/High cop cuff rate (Cop lvl depends on how much crime of a criminal you can cuff)


Farming log (To catch farmers of course)

Implement weapons (Custom skins through packing them into a map)

Make NPC that displays tutorials and has a name above it.


Add random fires in locations

Add cap on how many weapons can be out

Add Mining Job (Crowbar can mine specified models and have a chance on what to get. Minerals can be combined to make objects/items.)

Fix Npctype 0 ID-1 (DrawNPCs)

limit locks

cops can bypass locks


DarkDealer(BlackMarket Items, Skins, Locks)

FoodCarrer(Stamina (Self Buy)


Fixed: Prop duplicate (Removed freezeit.smx & saveit.smx)

VIP flags removed

Changed: Crime cuff is now divided by 10

Changed: Crime is now 200 per rob and $200 ($250 from bankers)

Changed: Cops can not uncuff

Changed: Cuffed players can not die

Changed: HUD to left side

Changed: Enabled Job Vendors 1 (Teacher) and 8 (Banker)

Created: Added Vendor 10 and Gangster Job System (XP for killing crime rebels & cops)

Created: RCS Leader job and made Root Admin; Can sell items and heal

Changed: Cops XP + 1k to all

Changed: Changed suicide actions (explode,kill,cl_playermodel) 6s delay

Added: Anti-Afk Plugin

Added: FisrtpersonDeath Plugin

Added: Kigen Anticheat Plugin

Removed: Crossbow & Nade healing capabilities. Now do damage again.

Fixed: Unfreeze Dissapear Command.

Change: sm_freeze to sm_freezeit and sm_unfreeze to sm_unfreezeit

(2/6/11)Bug-Fixed: Cop Menu

Fixed: Take VIP guns on cuff

Added: Skin for prisoner above 5k crime

Added: Downloader plug-in

Added: New Cuff System (Blocks Keys) (REMOVED FOR NOW)

Fixed: Re-Vamped whole items list and added items

Changed: Download URL

Added: VIP & Ultimate VIP Vendors (VIP do not spawn with weapons)

Removed: No-uncuff system and Anti-Afk Manager (2/10/11 3:17PM)

Removed: Removed nerve gas from NPC's and changed ID

Changed: All plug-in flags.

Changed: Doubled delay on hunger

Fixed: Roflcopter coding. Can not copter on ground

Added: Can not copter with bounty

Changed: Crime jail divided by 7 now.

Changed: Jail can not copter or run.

Fixed: Can not pick weapon up when cuffed.

Changed: Cop weapons and wages.

Fixed: Jail Random Spawn (In .txt so temporary)

CHANGED: All wages

Added: Firefighter Job

Changed: Gangster XP gain

Added: 2 job levels to Food,Medical and Sanitation job trees.

Added: Cop & VIP item dealer NPC's

Changed: Cops and VIP's must go to Item Dealer NPC's for weapons

Added: Garbage spawns when medical field heals.

Added: NocrimeZones

Added: NokillZones

Added: TaxiZones

Added: Casino (Russian Roulette)

Added: Debt, NegativeCash, BulkBuy, and Checks (New Vendor System)

Added: Sound on transactions

Added: Fixed Debt system

Added: Boat System

Changed: Dieing to Dying

Fixed: Jail Fixed Fully!

Changed: 25% plus when using credit

Added: ServerCommands to OnMapStart (Including HostName)

Added: Shows time-left in jail on death

Added: Autorelease time to HUD.

Removed: Hud Colors Coding (Didn't work).

Added: HUD rotation with /mainhud

Added: HUDColor Menu sm_hudcolor

Changed: Hungerdisplay to 100-0 (full-empty)

Added: If cuffed or < 10 hunger can not earn wage.

Fixed: Not all weapons being removed on cuff

Added: Max cops

Added: All Cops switched to rebel on join

Added: Message on donator join.

Changed: Bounty $ (Crime / 20.0) (Default Crime / 100)

Fixed: Error constantly spamming logs apon damage. Changed ClientHP to HP[Client](Global)

Changed: Moved [No Kill Zone] display up

Changed: Moved Crime HUD down

Removed: Spawn garbage on heal; to much trash

Changed: Talkzone

Changed: Item Cooldowns give current lasting time

Added: TimersReset Command

Added: (Plug-in) Blocks Teamswitch Events

Changed: Cops can not use camo.

Changed: Removed Immersion & added Improved Camo. Camoflauge now 50% & Improved 25%

Changed: Item List Re-done with prices.

Changed: Crime per hit does 50crime instead of 30.

Changed: EXP Rate to 10

Changed: Gangster XP to 600

Added: Rebel Doors (Opposite of CopDoors)

Added: Coding for Printer Note item plug-in (By Alm)

Changed: Roflcopter fallspeed to slower

Changed: Fallspeed until roflcopter activation to less

Changed: Doorblock: All-warning 6-slap 9-slap(2) 9+-slap(3);cuff(60);R-weapons;cuff(60)

Changed: Medics and stunstick healing do not affect health higher than 100

Changed: Healing system a little.

Changed: Weapons removed on critical health instead of drop

Changed: Crossbow/Nades uncuff client if combine is attacker (anti-xbow cuff)

Changed: Made mydoormess a admin command.

Changed: Door Slamming System

Changed: Keys to 1k

Changed: Maxkeys to 10

Changed: Punchdata variables

Changed: Fixed listkeys command and deletekeys command

Changed: Rob timer wait changed from 25m to 5m (Haha this was a mistake on my behalf)

Added: Custom player skins in the script for certain jobs

Changed: Door/Key system changed back to old door system and edited

Added: Gambling uses shakes

Changed: Fixed gangster suicide farming and no cop xp bug

Removed: VIP XP for killing cops

Changed: Change mafia lord to boss in some areas causing errors and fixed the XP

Added: 5+ wage to every job -VIP

Changed: Cop Health & wages increased | VIP health decreased

Added: 60s cooldown for stamina use

Changed: VIP to an overlaying job (Will now work with any job)

Added: VIP Command will take care of the VIP bundle fully. This should include a 30day limit then removed.

Added: Petmod (110% Credit to Alm - Thanks bro!)

Changed: "Mafia Member" skin - not precached (crashing)

Changed: Maxrooms to two

Changed: ItemTimers back to just telling the total needed to wait

Added: Depromotion Capability (NPC ID 11)

Added: Minus 15 stamina per full copter use

Removed: Staminda from copters completely

Changed: Set DB_ commands to ROOT and sm_spawn to C5.

Fixed: Lockpick Timer

Changed: BonusCash to root command

Added: CompensationCash Command 1x use for players (sm_compcash)

Added: StarterKit (10k & 6 Pistols) - If client has 0m

Fixed: Mafia XP

Fixed: Mafia XP bug

Changed: CompensationCash to a root command

Removed: Prisoner Player Skin (Might have been causing crashes)

Changed: Triple crime to player damage

Changed: Early release function set for half of jailtime

Changed: Crime cuff limit changed to 1k & cop XP reconfigured to 1xp per 1k crime

Fixed: Double cop XP

Added: A check to looknotice and setnotice to not allow /n or \n in message (Creds Nick)

Added: Map checks

Added: Custom game description controlled from the plug-in.

Fixed: All menus able to cause an overflow (Cred Nick, Again)

Added: Team-names controlled by CVARS from the plug-in (Creds Nick, Thanks)

Added: VIP Skins Menu to NPC ID 11

Changed: The credits display and plug-in version

Changed: Skybox

Fixed: VIP Models

Changed: Cleaned MafiaXP a little

Fixed: Changed rebuyer NPC menu back to the old one

Fixed: Cops being able to be cuffed in certain ways

Removed: Super lock items

Fixed: Checks and Pet item overlap

Added: VIPJail to cop menu

Added: AFKRoom to cop menu

Added: Suicide to cop menu

Changed: Vendor use distance from 150 to 100

Changed: Reconfigured NPC list

Added: "Off Duty Cop" notice to demotion menu

Added: Glow and Color to cuffed players

Added: Ultimate VIP, Weapon Package, and Adanced Weapon Package statuses.

Fixed: Player bought skins

Changed: Player bought skins revert to make skin on death.

Fixed: Brackets around XP in the demotion menu handle

Changed: Combine can not use pocket explosives.

Fixed: Overlay being removed on death. Only needed on spawn

Fixed: AR2 weapon not dropping

Added: Global definition for weapon_stunstick

Added: Add/Take commands for XP and Time

Fixed: Cuffed HUD for cops

Changed: Permission Flags

Added: Stunstick and Pistol SHOCK

Added: SDKHooks correctly /w OnTakeDamage correctly

Fixed: Drugs crashing!

Changed/Added: Some cop display messages.

Changed: VIP can not change models as a cop.

Changed: Stunstick/Pistol now set an overlay, tmpspeed, and shake.

Changed: Attack, Use, and Sprint buttons are now blocked while cuffed instead of just returned.

Changed: Reconfigured the bounty system to match Krims V3

Fixed: Criminal PointLasters crashing, changed cache to model and not decal.

Added: Honor, honor is like wages in Krims V2 just added together with your Job Wages for a total income.

I thought those who spend time should get their pays worth. However, because of this I may lower actual job wages in the near future, possibly an immense amount.

The max income you can recieve total right now is $100 - To achieve $55 honor your time will have to be a max of 5days.

Removed: The red crime HUD. Criminals and there crime will now only be shown to officers.

It will be displayed on there HUD in the same position as the CrimeHUD, but the criminal must be under there cursor.

The color of the HUD will change depending on there crime. Yes, this means the tracers are removed, unless someone has bounty.

Removed: Pretty much all the HUD info. If the script is going to expand and display more info it can not all be displayed through a HUD.

You can find your HUD info at the respective NPC's. EX: Salary = Bank

You can access need to know info through /stats or sm_stats. EX: Hunger and Stamina

An informational NPC was added to show basic information, hopefully more in the future. EX: Job & Gender

Removed: Game HUD

Changed: All [RP] tags will now show as green.

Changed: Stunstick events are now handled through SDKHook. This should remove any form of cuffing other than stunstick.

Changed: Reconfigured the Teacher job to match the website.

Changed: Combine CollectWages & Bank NPC's.

Changed: Can now rob without cops online, but get half the cash.

Added: Physic atm_bank models to open the bank menu

Added: Menu pagination(7) for all menus that handled amount.

Changed: Items & Door menu titles to display info

Added: CustomJob command and capability and HUD info if a Citizen

Added: HUD info when pointing at a player with a custom job.

Fixed: Inventory not working and title

Added: Monkeys real damage defines and function

Added: Custom sprites above Management (this is for testing, will expand in the near future)

Added: PrintToChat text to NPC's

Added: Remove sprites on death

Added: Stats from /stats back to the HUD and removed /stats - Base stats will still be displayed at DOG and bank stats at a bank

Added: UnkownPath = Check for existance

Fixed: Comamnd Itemlist

Changed: /switch chat output

Fixed: For function for MAXACTIVECOPS

Fixed: View player info HUD being doubled and overlapping

Changed: The way the HUD displays (again)

Changed: More HUD reconfiguring and turned Honor into TimeWages for CustomJobs

Fixed: Paycheck and Minute timers and functions

Fixed: MAXACTIVECOPS function (added minus snippets)

Changed: Custom job title = Occupation and Custom Job Time = Salary ; Dynamic Job Title = Job and Dynamic Job Time = Wage

Changed: Some menu prints

Removed: Checks removed

Fixed: Uncuffing not working (Function overlapping canceld the second)

Fixed: /hudcolor menu

Added: Suicide Chamber 2 back into the script

Fixed: Prisoner menuitem orders

Fixed: Pocket earned cash printochat line

Changed: Menus to put "All" option on-top

Fix: Doorprice and DoorID in menu

Changed: Major revisions to the bank career menu handling.

Added: Collect Wages, XP Trade and Checks Menu to Banker Job

Removed: Inventory count and value in menu

Fixed: Double+ XP from banker menus

Removed: Combine switch message apon join (useless) and added (minus) to activecombine function

Changed: InventoryCount function for MAXINV to count multiple of one item

Added: Max Inventory Item Cap (25)

Added: VIP doors

Fixed: Cop XP rates for cuffing

Added: Dueling for cops

Disabled: MaxActiveCops

Added: CVAR check for Rcon and Hostname

Changed: Removed jump from roflcopter and changed spped

Addded: Stunstick (Attack2) push and Crowbar (Attack2) push. Rebel pushing cops = CRIMECUFF / 4

Changed: HUD Hunger reads out strings

Added: Bail menu for prisoners

Changed: Release-From-Jail function changed division from twenty to fourty

Added: Timer functions to Improved and Full camo.

Changed: Enabled cop tracers and HUD again

Added: Nokill clients (non combine) can not use ATTACK1/2 (Stops from abusing criminals)

Fixed: HandleBank2 cases

Added: NoKill clients do zero damage

Added: Mines can not be used on players in NoKill zones

Added: Rebel & Rebel Leader jobs /w wage, skins and ability to use cuffsaw every five minutes in return for 4k crime

Added: Rebels can not damage each other unless both players use /duel to enable it

Changed: Kickdoor now works on combine doors as well

Added: Free Jobs NPC -11 (Robbers) [Credits: Nick]

Added: sm_info /info to display job info

Changed: Empty dumpster action to work directly without menu

Removed: Stun from pistol and rebel NPC double notice

Fixed: Stunstick doing damage

Added: VendorMenuSell for Rebuyer NPC

Fixed: Rebuyer accepting sells even if no item.

Changed: Drug TE to color renders dependant on the ammount of grams

Removed: Crime from drugs in several spots. Crime is cuff on plant and cuff / 3 on sell

Changed: Crime = damage

Changed: Drugs to a minute timer. Max payout to 3500g. Gram = 3$. Payout = 75% 5g

Added: Printers, $250, $50 every minute and every collect has a 35% chance to explode. Cops can destroy printers and printers can be destroyed by damage.

Changed: Printers give $25 and fixed the code up a bit on commanduse

Added: Door command /door for managing/buying doors

Fixed: Printer timer?

Removed: Quit job from employers. Demote yourself at the demotion NPC

Changed: Zombies do not gain crime and have a gray overlay. Canister explodes with smoke and fixed jobs not reverting on death

Changed: Nerfd drugs and printers A LOT. Both cost $500. Max printers is one and drugs three. Printers have %30 chance to blow each use and pay $10 every minute.

Drugs have %65 chance to pay every minute and gives 2 grams. Grams are $2 each. Max grams is 500. Both combined is around 6k profit in 5hrs

Without explosions and skipped minutes, explosions possibly leading to profit loss.

Changed: Drug Addict into Illegal Dealer who sells illegal items. The item can then be used by the player, but not dropped or used by cops.

Changed: Nerfed robber, only 2x as fast.



  • Drugs are not working correctly right now.

  • I funced the props saving system in the release version some how.

    Backup props don't erase with the original prop when removed properly.

  • Prop saving can cause a crash if saving when a nade is thrown/explodes (Not Tested).




  • V1.0.0
    • Released

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Orignal From: [HL2:DM] Roflcopter Roleplay (v1.0.0, 2/3/12)

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