[Any] Paranoia IP Tracker

[Any] Paranoia IP Tracker

Version 1.0.0


Logs players IP addresses to two database tables.

Maybe you've had an issue with a skiddie attacking your servers and want to track their IP to a steamid. Maybe you've wanted to ban a troublemaker, but they just create new accounts.

Whatever your reason is, this plugin is intended for proactive security/logging, although you could also use it to see where your players are playing from if you were inclined.

The plugin creates and logs to two tables:

  • Paranoia_IPTracker:

    Holds the player's steamid, last used name, a timestamp of their last connect, and the player's last 10 unique IP addresses.

  • Paranoia_IPTrackerLogs:

    Stores a row for every connection with the steamid, name, IP and timestamp for that connection.

    Note: this table is only used if sm_paranoia_ip_verbose is set to 1.

  • None


  • sm_paranoia_ip_version
    • Plugin Version

  • sm_paranoia_ip_verbose
    • Set to 1 and the plugin will also log to Paranoia_IPTrackerLogs.

Install Instructions:

For TF2:

  1. Place ParanoiaIPTracker.smx into your addons/sourcemod/plugins/ folder.

  2. Update your databases.cfg file with an entry for "paranoiaip".


  • If the plugin loses connection to the database server, it will log to the logs/paranoia_ip.log file as a backup solution.

Version History:

  • V1.0.0

    • Initial Release

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