TagBlocker [Reloaded] (V1.1.0, 2012-25-01)

I saw this unapproved plugin by bl4nk, and thought why should i not overhaul it.

This plugin allow's you to add as many tags as you want to an list and block them, it is also possible to only allow the tags you have specified to be allowed with an invert cvar.

It is also possible to add, view and delete (also with regex #.number) tags from the console.

I do not plan to support other games than CS:S, so save your time by not asking me for it.


  • sm_tagblocker_adminflag
    • Which flag an admin needs to have to be immune to tagstripping

  • sm_tagblocker_adminimmunity
    • Whether or not admins should be immune to tagstripping

  • sm_tagblocker_casesensitive
    • Whether or not searches to tagstripping should be case sensitive

  • sm_tagblocker_invert
    • 0 = All players wearing a tag in the list gets them removed 1 = All players don't wearing one of the tags in the list gets them removed

  • sm_tagblocker_version
    • TagBlocker Version (Not changeable)


  • sm_tagblocker_addtag
    • Add's a tag to the list

  • sm_tagblocker_deltag
    • Removes a tag from the list (Also with regex #.number)

  • sm_tagblocker_listtags
    • List's all tags


  • Put "tagblocker.smx" in your "../addons/sourcemod/plugins" directory.

  • Add the plugin.taglocker.cfg in your "../cfg/sourcemod" folder or load the plugin and wait till the plugin creates it.

  • Load the plugin

  • Edit the config to your purposes.

  • Have fun



Request something


bl4nk with his TagBlock for the Idea


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