[L4D2] Block Healing

Block Healing


A requested plugin by John2022. Allows teammates to block healing from another fellow survivor.

Prevent early heals or medkit trolls locking people in place. Upon receiving healing, survivor can press their jump button and block the healing. The healing survivor will be unable to use their medkit again for another 5 seconds.

If the receiving survivor were on a ladder, the healing survivor will be unable to use their medkit for another 15 seconds. A known "griefer" method is to heal survivors on a ladder, causing the survivor fall down the ladder unable to progress beyond that point.


Blocks Survivors from freezing other Survivors in place with their medkit

No configurable cvars.

Known Problems / Things to Notice:

  • SDKHooks is required to run the plugin. You can get it here.

  • L4DStocks is required if you wish to compile a version yourself. You can get it here.



Version 1.0.0 - 26-01-2012

Initial release

Zip contains source, not required for usage.

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