[TF2] Monoculus Spawner

[TF2] Monoculus Spawner

Version 1.0.0


Spawns the new "Monoculus" (aka That Big Eyeball Thing) 2011 Halloween boss where you're looking.

  • sm_eyeboss


  • sm_monospawn_version
    • Plugin Version

Install Instructions:
  1. Place GreatBallofEyes.smx into your addons/sourcemod/plugins/ folder.


  • Credit to Geit for his [TF2] Horseless Headless Horsemann from which most of the code is recycled for this plugin.

  • [s]This has only been tested on koth_viaduct_event - use at your own risk![/s]

  • This works on any map, but the portals obviously do not.

Version History:

  • V1.0.0
    • Initial Release

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