Some Help - ZE Mako Reactor Issues

Hi Guys,

I hate to make this post, but it seems to be the most relevant (and most viewed) forum that could reach the people that can help me.

My server has issues with Mako Reactor. Our bosses are so overpowered that people come and tell me that they have played on other servers and none of them are as bad as ours (boss wise). It's nearly impossible to win. I'm using the latest map release version for sure and here are the addons I have installed:


[SM] Listing 52 plugins:

01 "Admin File Reader" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

02 "Admin Help" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

03 "Admin Menu" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

04 "Admin loggin" (1.0) by vIr-Dan

05 "AdsQL Advertisements System" (1.7.8) by PharaohsPaw

06 "Advanced admin commands" (0.16) by 3sigma

07 "Anti Bunny Hopping" (1.1) by Kyle Sanderson

08 "Anti-Flood" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

09 "Basic Chat" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

10 "Basic Commands" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

11 "Basic Info Triggers" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

12 "Basic Votes" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

13 "Client Preferences" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

14 "Custom Votes" (0.5.6) by chundo

15 "Fun Commands" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

16 "Fun Votes" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

17 "gameME Plugin" (3.9) by TTS Oetzel & Goerz GmbH

18 "Health Fix" (1.0) by Kyle Sanderson

19 "HANSE Reserved Slots" (1.5) by red!

20 "MapChooser Extended" (1.6.1) by Powerlord, Zuko, and AlliedModders LLC

21 "Mapchooser Extended Sounds" (1.2) by Powerlord

22 "Anti-Micspam" (0.5) by FLOOR_MASTER and

23 "Nextmap" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

24 "Noblock players and Nades" (2.0) by Originally by Tony G. Fixed by Rogue

25 "Map Nominations" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

26 "Player Commands" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

27 "Radio Spam Block" (1.0.0) by exvel

28 "RandomCycle" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

29 "Reserved Slots" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

30 "Rock The Vote" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

31 "Sourcebans Checker" (1.0.0) by psychonic & Ca$h Munny

32 "Server Clean Up" (1.1.7) by Jamster

33 "Server Hop" (0.8.1) by [GRAVE] rig0r

34 "Show Damage" (1.0.7) by exvel

35 "SourceMod Anti-Cheat" ( by GoD-Tony, psychonic

36 "SMAC Aimbot Detector" ( by GoD-Tony

37 "SMAC Client Protection" ( by GoD-Tony, psychonic, Kigen

38 "SMAC Command Monitor" ( by GoD-Tony, psychonic, Kigen

39 "SMAC ConVar Checker" ( by GoD-Tony, psychonic, Kigen

40 "SMAC Eye Angle Test" ( by GoD-Tony, psychonic

41 "SMAC Rcon Locker" ( by GoD-Tony, Kigen

42 "SMAC Anti-Speedhack" ( by GoD-Tony

43 "SMAC Spinhack Detector" ( by GoD-Tony

44 "Extended Comm" (2.2.4) by Twisted|Panda

45 "Sound Commands" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

46 "SourceBans" (1.4.8) by SourceBans Development Team

47 "Spawn with Armor" (0.1.0b) by fezh

48 "Spray Tracer" (5.8a) by Nican132, CptMoore, Lebson506th

49 "Swear Replacement" (1.4) by Hell Phoenix

50 "Weapon Restrict" (3.0.0-beta) by Dr!fter

51 "Web Shortcuts" (1.0.1) by James "sslice" Gray

52 "Zombie:Reloaded" (3.0.0-b2) by Greyscale | Richard Helgeby

Also here are the extensions:


[SM] Displaying 13 extensions:

[01] Automatic Updater (1.4.0-dev): Updates SourceMod gamedata files

[02] Webternet (1.4.0-dev): Extension for interacting with URLs

[03] SendProxy Manager (1.0.5): Change stuff without actually changing stuff!

[04] CS:S Tools (1.4.0-dev): CS:S extended functionality

[05] BinTools (1.4.0-dev): Low-level C/C++ Calling API

[06] SDK Tools (1.4.0-dev): Source SDK Tools

[07] Top Menus (1.4.0-dev): Creates sorted nested menus

[08] GeoIP (1.4.0-dev): Geographical IP information

[09] Client Preferences (1.4.0-dev): Saves client preference settings

[10] MySQL-DBI (1.4.0-dev): MySQL driver implementation for DBI

[11] SDK Hooks (2.1.0): Source SDK Hooks

[12] Socket (3.0.1alpha): Socket extension for SourceMod

[13] SQLite (1.4.0-dev): SQLite Driver

Does anyone see any conflicts that could possibly add to the bosses health and cause this issue?

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