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I have a question , i want my admins take the skins of admin ,now use the random and changed the settings and do not know how to put the settings for this .

Help please

my .cfg:// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

// Classes (core)

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

// General

// Re-display class selection menu every spawn.

// Default: "0"

zr_classes_menu_spawn "0"

// Display class selection menu when a player spawn for the first time.

// Default: "0"

zr_classes_menu_join "0"

// Automatically close class selection menu after selecting a class.

// Default: "1"

zr_classes_menu_autoclose "1"

// Player is assigned a random class every spawn. [Override: zr_classes_default_*]

// Default: "0"

zr_classes_random "0"

// Time limit to change human class with instant change after spawning. Time is in seconds. Use 0 or negative to disable.

// Default: "20"

zr_classes_change_timelimit "20"

// Save players' class selections in server cookies and restore when connecting. [Override: zr_classes_default_*]

// Default: "1"

zr_classes_save "0"

// (Not implemented!) Admin-only class assigned to admins on connect, if any. ["default" = Default human class | "random" = Random admin-only class]

// Default: "random"

zr_classes_default_admin "random"

// (Incomplete) Admin-mode class assigned to admins on connect. Do not confuse this with admin-only classes. ["random" = Random admin class | "" = Class config default]

// Default: "random"

zr_classes_default_admin_mode ""

// Human class assigned to players on connect. ["random" = Random human class | "" = Class config default]

// Default: "random"

zr_classes_default_human "random"

// Zombie class assigned to players on connect. ["random" = Random zombie class | "" = Class config default]

// Default: "random"

zr_classes_default_zombie "random"

// Zombie class assigned to mother zombies. ["motherzombies" = Random mother zombie class | "random" = Random regular zombie class | "disabled" = Don't change class on mother zombies]

// Default: "motherzombies"

zr_classes_default_mother_zombie "motherzombies"

// Allow players to select zombie classes.

// Default: "1"

zr_classes_zombie_select "0"

// Allow players to select human classes.

// Default: "1"

zr_classes_human_select "0"

// Allow admins to select admin mode classes. (Not to be confused by admin-only classes!)

// Default: "1"

zr_classes_admin_select "1"

// Speed method to use when applying player speed. Do not touch this if you don't know what you're doing! ["lmv" = Lagged movement value | "prop" = Player speed property]

// Default: "lmv"

zr_classes_speed_method "lmv"

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